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I made several of these Halloween themed wall hangs for the October Paris Street Market and they were a hit! I thought I'd share the tut...

Halloween Wall Hang - Tutorial!

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I made several of these Halloween themed wall hangs for the October Paris Street Market and they were a hit! I thought I'd share the tutorial here as a Halloween treat in case you'd like to make one of your own.

  • bone folder for smoothing
  • Mod Podge & sponge brush for applying
  • glue stick
  • paper preserver
  • power drill
First, work quickly to coat one side with a thin even coat of Mod Podge, lay your scrapbook paper down and smooth with a bone folder to work out air bubbles.
Trim off any overhang by flipping the board over and running a rotary cutter along the edge.

Print your image on white cardstock {I used a measurement of 5x7} and crop.
Using a glue stick, adhere the image to the center of your board. Smooth down with bone folder.
Use a clear stamp with a glue pad to create glitter embellishments.
Like so:
I adore the way the glitter adds a little glamour to the image. Be careful not to rub the glitter off at this point.
Using a paper preserver {I prefer Krylon's} spray an even thin coat over both the image and the glitter. I usually do a second coat after about 15 minutes. This step is important as it protects your image from water damage and it holds the glitter in place!
Once your image and glitter is sealed, use a ruler along the top to mark for drill holes to thread ribbon through. I marked both the 3" & 9" marks.
To finish your wall hang, drill holes where marked and thread ribbon through to tie a bow in front. {TIP: I don't like to drill the holes too large, but it can be tricky to get the ribbon threaded through. To help, cut the ribbon ends at a sharp angle and use a lighter the way you would to seal ribbon ends - this makes the point of the ribbon end stiff and easier to thread through the hole.} Once the bow is tied, seal the ribbon ends with a lighter {be careful, work quickly, and only do this on polyester ribbon - cloth will just burn.} Finally, I use a glue gun to secure the bow to prevent it from untying.
And now you have a beautiful square wall hang to pretty up your decor!

I've also been known to make these for other holidays & all season. You can really get creative with this inexpensive wall art! If you end up making any, please share it with me!

Happy Halloweentime!

I promise to post again THIS WEEK!

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  1. That looks really cute and super easy! I will definitely be making some of those. Thanks so much for sharing! ~ Kim

  2. These are super cute! I've never thought to use the rubber stamp with glue..brilliant!! thanks for sharing


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