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Welcome! I'm guessing you've come to see my Mad Tea Party? I'll tell you all about it! I sent invitations out weeks in advance f...

{A Lark & Lola Mad Tea Party!}

9:31 AM

Welcome! I'm guessing you've come to see my Mad Tea Party? I'll tell you all about it!

I sent invitations out weeks in advance for my Mad Tea Party. Invitations are very important, you know, as they set the tone for the party right off the bat.
I invited 6 guests, so I began making lists of what I'd need...Long planning, but finally, the day is here!
When hosting, I always try and have everything set up before guests arrive.
And no party is complete without music! My guests loved these tunes...
Bowls, for ice cream, of course! Ice cream is a tradition at Mad Tea Parties.

Guests were instructed {via my handcrafted paper garland} to "Eat Cake".Teacups and saucers for all.
Now here's the secret to a real Mad Tea Party: Twinkle Tea. It looks strange, what, with it's stars and sparkles, but it's really quite delicious. There's a few important notes you should take on Twinkle Tea, however...

First, twinkle tea cannot be sweetened with just any sugar. It has to be sweetened with twinkle sugar, of course!
And you'll find you get the most out of your twinkle tea when you stir in your wishes, too.
You have to keep stirring until your wishes are fully incorporated...
ah, keep going!
:: clink clink ::
Now your twinkle tea is ready to be enjoyed. But there's one more thing!
Twinkle tea must be served with a "Drink Me" sign.
Cake was also had at my Mad Tea Party.
With sugar flowers I did not make, but I wish I had.
One of my guests was my own daughter, Eisley. She dressed up all fancy, I even let her wear my pearls. {And wouldn't you know? It just happens to be her Unbirthday!}
The guests included White Rabbit, Jane-Austen-like-lady, Eisley, Big Hat Lady, Girl Bust, and Great-Grandma's Silhouette.
As you can see, they had a blast.
And gobbled up cake.

They drank up their tea.

Just one piece, Eisley!
And that was that.
Visit more Mad Tea Parties by visiting our host: A Fanciful Twist! Thanks for throwing this massive blog party, Vanessa! Until next year...

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48 *´¯`* ℓσvεℓү cσммεηтs *´¯`*

  1. YUMMMY!! Tummy and eye candy, what coudl be better? Lovely lovely tea party, thanks for throwing it!
    PS Love the banner, and Eisley is sooo adorable!!

  2. delightful party and beautiful pictures.

  3. YUMMY Cake and tea! What a delightful party!! So glad I stopped by. You had such lovely guests too.
    ~ Theresa

  4. I don't know which was best your special tea or your special guest?! Ofcourse, your darling guest. Love the music too! Please come see me!

  5. What a cute teaparty! Your sweet baby is just precious! The cake and tea and sugar sprinkles looked delish. :)

  6. What a cute tea party!
    Yummy Cake and tea!

  7. Oh my, what a beautiful little Princess you have there! Amazing you even got to make your party! I see you are an Anthropology girl after my own heart! Do stop by and have tea with Alic and me...we have a little tiny give away!

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments! I'm going to make the rounds now and see your tea parties, now that Miss Eisley is napping ;-)

  9. Lovely party..I love the wishing tea!

  10. A beautiful tea party. Oh, the scrumptious cake and twinke tea are the best. Eisley is pretty little girl.

  11. great party! That cake looked amazing!!!

  12. Such a sparkling wonderous delightful party you've created here! I'm particularly in love with your garland! Thank you so much for having me at your whimsical place. Come on over to my party - if you haven't quietly crept in already....

  13. Your blog is LUSCIOUS! I love this Mad Tea Party post, and I agree... invitations set the tone! You are a girl after my own heart.

  14. Oh, how delightful this was! May I have a slice of that delicious cake? Perhaps Eisley will share hers?


  15. Indeed she would! She loves sharing her food ;-)

  16. oh my! i love your cup of glitter!! lovely party!

  17. Twinkle Tea, Sugar Flowers, Pearls on Precious Party Goers, and the perfect banner sounds like enchantment. I enjoyed myself while visiting.

  18. Hi Heather!

    Wonderful Tea Party! Loved the decorations and wish I had a piece of that cake!

    Thank you for stopping by my party with such beautiful words.


    p.s. loved your cake blog! Congratulations on your certificates!

  19. What a wonderful post. I loved your twinkly tea...too cute, and your garland is wonderful.

    And your beautiful baby girl is precious...I could go on and on.

    Thank you for a lovely time.

  20. glitter tea is such a wonderful idea- it might make me sparkle from the inside out!-You have an adorable baby and she had a wonderful party.

  21. This was quite the cutest little tea party. Love your pale colors and that cake looks divine!
    Please visit me at my're invited!

  22. how fun, your daughter is obviously enjoying the party...too cute. I adored spending time with the both of you and the cake was wonderful.

    You’re invited to please visit stop by and visit my party where we’re having a tea of a time!!

  23. Oh, I had such a good time at your party, I don't want to leave! Do you mind if I stay awhile? Your treats were so delicious and your tea was refreshing. I'm getting sleepy . . . Twyla

  24. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful baby you have! Thanks for the lovely tea. Martha

  25. What a charming and delightful tea party! The feathers, the banner and the cake are all just so darling.
    Your daughter is such a cutie! I very much enjoyed my visit!


  26. Your party was lovely. All the handmade touches made it extra special, and your daughter! Aww! I wish I had someone to dress in tutus, but I have a little boy. Happy tea party, and unbirthday to you!

  27. I think I NEED a piece of that cake for breakfast with my coffee...oops! I mean my tea ;-D. Twinkle tea sounds ever so intriguing and super sweet!!!
    I had a lovely time sipping twinkle tea...thanks!!!

    xoxo Cori

  28. Very, very lovely party! That cake was beautiful!

  29. Absolutely fantastic. What a treat.

    Renee xoxo

  30. your party is spectacular! where on Earth did you get that fantastic dishware?! and I love the eat cake banner too! so much fun! loved every bit- xo natalea

  31. What a truly enchanting party! I am so very happy that I was invited to stop by as well...

  32. Oh I hope I'm not too late for some of your yummy treats! Be sure to stop by my party today and enter my giveaway. The tea kettle is still boiling!

  33. That is just the prettiest cake I've seen today. I don't know if I would be able to cut into it to eat it, although it looked just as pretty sliced!

    A very Merry Unbirthday!
    Erin :)

  34. SUper super Magical!! And a wee gorgeous ALice tooooo!! You are a woman after my own heart. I looove your room, and your cake and your treasures and your whimsy loves!!

    Thank you for being an enchanting part of Wonderland!

  35. Very sweet! Looks like you had a perfect Alice!

  36. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog and for visiting me, especially when I forgot all abt. the Mad Tea Party!!! I have so many things going on and it just completely slipped my mind, ugh!

    You did such a great job on your Tea Party, how cute is that tea and the cake is beautiful, not to mention that sweet baby girl of yours! I would have loved to have been one of your attendees and now can't wait to go check out more of your blog.

  37. That twinkle sugar really made me smile! Lovely party here...thank you for inviting me! :)mendy

  38. What a devine tea party! Your garland is stunning! and Sweet Eisley's laughter is better than the icing on that yum yummy cake!
    Thank you so much for the visit! I had a delightful time!

  39. The sweetest tea party ever! I just want to pinch those cheeks!

    I am having a giveaway on my tea party post at ...I hope you will stop by!

    Enjoy the day!

  40. What a fun party!! Especially for your little daughter :-)



  41. Your little lady is cccccccuuuuuuuutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee. And look, she's having a blast. Oh I'm so happy for her. After all, it's her un-birthday party :-)

  42. I cannot believe you can pull something this beautiful off with a little baby! You are one fun mum, I am sure!

    I must say, as pretty as that cake was, I'd be nibbling on baby Eisly instead! She's adorable!!!


  43. Wonderful party...the guests adorable the cake was delicious and the tea magical.

  44. How adorable - the baby, the cake, and the twinkle tea! I love all of your finds and the sweet story to shared.

    Have a lovely week.
    Kathryn, Collage Diva

  45. What a just beautiful Party post!
    so cute and beautiful pictures.
    pretty baby!

    You´re invited to my party, too!


    from cold winter

  46. It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole to Haute Whimsy before life goes back to mundane!

  47. What a beautiful party -I love the twinkle tea- how perfect!

    The cake looks delicious! and Eisley is adorable

    Happy PArty Hopping!

  48. Oh, how fun! Everything looked so delightful!


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