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  I post a lot about crafting and painting furniture, but did you know I also know a thing or two about painting nails? That's right....

How to do a mini manicure!

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Mini Manicures! 
I post a lot about crafting and painting furniture, but did you know I also know a thing or two about painting nails? That's right. This lady went to beauty school, I have a cosmetology license. I also started out working for 4 years as a stylist at an upscale kids salon in a Denver suburb. Meaning, I did a LOT of manicures on tiny hands. Princess parties were frequent, and I learned a thing or two. 

While I don't work as a stylist any longer, I still pull out my beauty goods on a regular basis and today I did my daughter's nails. I LOVE having girls for just this very reason! Girly girl stuff with my daughters, what could be better? 
Mani/Pedi Supplies
My basic nail kit includes the following: nail files, polishes, base coat, top coat, cuticle oil, foot scrub, foot soak, massage cream, cuticle sticks, cuticle remover, and a couple implements...
Above you see the two implements I use most with manicures and pedicures. 
A cuticle trimmer, used for precise trimming of hangnails and such. Also a  professional grade cuticle pusher. That little tool is perfect for cleaning out the gunk that collects under your small children's fingernails. Eww!

But luckily, kids don't usually need too much work on their cuticles. You can go straight for the fun part, the polishing. 
Nail polish remover, a MUST when you have kids. Spills happen. 
Soapy water finger bath 
For a quick mini manicure I start out with a finger bath. Just a little warm soapy water in a bowl does the trick. After that you can do a quick massage with lotion for fun {we used marshmallow scented lotion with sparkles at the kid's salon} or you can skip that. If you do lotion up your little one's phalanges, be sure to clean the finger nail surface with polish remover before you paint them.
Mini Manicure 
Little ones are HARD to do a good polish job on. They have such a hard time sitting still and keeping their fingers untouched while the polish dries. My best tip is to use toe separators on their fingers to help keep their nails in place and prevent them from touching each other. 
Do very thin coats. If you really want it to last use a base coat as well as a top coat combined with two coats of polish--all THIN coats!

Also, Solar Speed Dry by Creative Nail Design (CND) is your friend. Or, use a blow dryer on cool. These are my tips for kids ages 3 and above...
Pink baby nails 
When polishing the nails of kids under 3, don't expect lasting results!
One quick, THIN coat, should do it. 
Baby gets nails painted
I typically wouldn't do my Violet's nails {she is 20 months} but she so wants to do what her big sister does, so how could I not? 
Giving my daughter a manicure 
It doesn't have to be perfect, kids are easily satisfied and excited. 
The main point is, having fun girly girl time with your daughters!
This is a perfect activity for princess parties, too, might I add? 
Violet wants violet 
I think Violet was upset that I didn't paint her nails violet. 
A mini manicure
Keep it simple, but it's a great way to spend time together and treat your girls to a little spa treatment. But...
Child proof your nail polishes
Once you're done, lock all that stuff up safe in a place where they can't get to it!
Nail polish spills can be devastating to sofas and carpets ;-)

Go have girl time with your daughters! 
Even the little ones can enjoy a little beauty treatment. 


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