Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vintage Golden Goods

Time to take a look at some vintage goods gilded with gold.
These ceramic beauties are sometimes signed and marked as handmade on the bottom, and sometimes they're marked "Made in Japan". Either way, they make for a lovely collection!
Gold painted 50s goods 
I love all things vintage, which includes these 1950s and 1960s ceramics with gold accents. Recently, they've struck a fondness in me, I've been picking these up at thrift stores.
Green and gold 
Like this green compote with gold brushed-on accents. 
Gold squirrels 
Or this tree stump bud vase, with golden squirrels to boot. 
Gold rooster 
I picked up this rooster most recently. 
It stands tall, and proud, and colorful with it's gold accents. 
Golden bee pot 
One of my very favorites, the turquoise & gold honey pot shaped like a hive, with bees and a door decorating it. Such a happy piece. 
Gold birdie 
This bluebird is probably one of my oldest pieces. It's tail has been broken off and glued back on twice now. 
Gold egg 
This Easter egg was handmade, it has a signature on the bottom, but I really bought it because I loved the colors and it was such a cheery piece. 
February Angel 
I never planned on collecting birthday figurines, but this February angel stood out to me. Especially with her bright red heart and typewriter font. 
A gold window display

You all know how much I love Pyrex, but this vintage ceramic-ware with the gold accents is really growing on me too!

What collections do you have?


  1. awww :) they look soo sweet together in your kitchen! I would never say I'm a fan of this style of ceramics, but I really have to admit that given their own little space in that pretty corner of your house they look very nice even to me. It's always about the context, and you totally nailed it :)

    1. I know what you mean! Up until recently I'd actually cringe at these things when I saw them on thrift store shelves. But then I discovered that they make a nice quirky vintage display when grouped together ;-)

      Thanks for the kind comment!


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