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Do you see my little green desk? It recently replaced a really horrific plastic folding table I had set up in this corner after my second d...

Something Thrifted, Something Junked

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Do you see my little green desk? It recently replaced a really horrific plastic folding table I had set up in this corner after my second daughter was born and took my craft room for her own bedroom. 
{I know, she's just so selfish, right?}
Green vintage secretary desk! 
I rarely used that ugly plastic table anyway, it seemed to collect piles of junk. 
So when I saw this secretary's desk at the ARC recently, like a pathetic puppy at the pound, I had to take it home and show it some love. 
$25 thrifted secretary desk, needs love 
Seriously. This ugly desk pretty much whimpered at me and gave me doe eyes. 
What was I to do?

Two paint pods filled with "Chopped Chives" later, my mutt is now a darling writing desk and has brought this forsaken corner of my home so much more company--primarly me. I am the company. Lucky corner.
Corner makeover 
I had my husband drill a hole in the backside so that my laptop charger could be hidden in the back. As you can see, it houses my laptop perfectly. This raven-turned-writing desk gets lots of use already. 
Laptop charging 
We have to give credit to some cute props, though, right?
Grandma's old letters, my very own decorated clipboards, vintage Colorado tray with Jane Austen book, calendar turned art in frame, and my paint-by-numbers vintage art featuring the Lord.
Desktop collage
{Why is a raven like a writing desk, you ask? Because Poe wrote on both ;-) }
Green secretary desk 
Even my antique office chair fits perfectly with it.
Except now I see that I desperately need to paint the chair, too. It's old and gross. 
Secretary desk 
Any ideas as to what color??? 
I'm open to suggestions. 

Here's another little redo for ya to take a gander at...
Old door turned coat rack for entryway 
You might have spotted this door in my post about my daughter's ice cream birthday party, it made for the perfect ice cream parlor shop sign!
Old door turned coatrack 
The truth is, last winter I picked my husband up from work, and as we were driving down the alley I spotted a very old white door, it's glass window all shattered. So, naturally I shouted at my husband to stop the car and snatch it up.

A little paint, a board, door knob hooks, metal brackets, and some chalkboard paint later, the door now shines once again as a sort of coat rack in our entryway. 
Door Knob Hooks 
While my idea was original, truly, I recently saw a similar project on Pinterest and the door had an added shelf and basket on the lower half. I think I might just have to add those, too. 
Metal brackets {Hobby Lobby} keep the door propped up nicely. 
Door brackets

Now, fine readers, I need your help on this one...

This monstrosity was purchased at the same time as the secretary's desk. Only I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with the gersh derned thing!
So, I'm relying on some of my Pinterest-addicted friends and followers to help me.
What on earth should I do with this...this...THING!
Any ideas?


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  1. I love your green writing desk. So cheery! I love all the colors in your home. Makes me want to redo some rooms in my house. Again.

  2. Also, seeing the little yellow and gray basket by your writing desk make me think you should paint your chair either of those colors. And maybe a colorful seat cushion in a fun fabric. Still no idea on the cart-shelf thingy.

    1. Good eye! That's my sewing box! {And the ugly brown bag on the other side was thrifted, a vintage Singer sewing machine bag--it's ugly but I love it anyway.}

      I like your idea! hmmm... gray might be perfect...

  3. Paint the chair raspberry - it will be a double scoop with the desk - raspberry & lime sherbet to add onto the Eis Cream board!

    The little cart is darling - paint it and turn it into shelving for scrapbook papers that can be wheeled in and out from under your desk as you need it ... or, it would be a very cute pink shelf for little girl shoes!

    1. Interesting...I was thinking something in the blue/gray/white area--I never considered raspberry! I'll mull it over...

      Good ideas about the cart! I hadn't thought of it as a possible shoe storage. Thanks :)

    2. Ooooh, I like the raspberry idea too. How do you decide?!

  4. Your desk is adorable! I love how the old desk are perfect to use with a lap top. Can't wait to see what you do with the cart.

    1. I have yet to work with the cart, but I just know eventually something will come to me :) Thanks for your comment!

  5. Your chair would be pretty in light yellow. And I love the door! It looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I DO love yellow...

  6. Glad to see those makeover recycled thing well, if one thing is still okay you can style recycle and remodel it to make it looks better again.

    1. Exactly! Plus, I love thrifting things that I feel have a "past". ;-)

  7. I would leave the chair as it is - I love it!
    Is the little cart thing like a mini tea trolley? Maybe paint it and fill it with play tea-things, and give it to your girls as a gift? I know I would have loved that as a child, my favourite thing to do was help my mum when guests came around, and wheeling the trolley (full of cake and teapots etc) was the best job!

    1. That's a lovely idea, Naomi! Thanks! This is why I just love having two daughters, we get to do all the fun girly things :)

  8. Can I please live with you? Your house is so beautiful! Ready when you are, tell the cat I'm moving in!
    As for the cart- off with the wheels and onto a wall, after a few layers of paint. Bric- a- brac, spices, little plants... I am sure your house is full of stuff that could do with another shelf. (erm... isn't every house?)
    Right, anyway. I'm packing up, I can be at your front door in 24 hours, if you don't mind. Bringing 5 cats of my own, see you soon!

    1. Oh you're so sweet! I'm already a crazy cat lady myself, so what's a few more? ;-)

      I love that idea to turn it into a shelf, and just might do it if the cart wasn't so deep! But I have been meaning to create some shelves like that recently...

      Thanks for the comment!


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