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This weekend my daughter, Violet, turned 1! Since we call her "Little Red" {because of her surprisingly red hair} I decided to thr...

A Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party!

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This weekend my daughter, Violet, turned 1! Since we call her "Little Red" {because of her surprisingly red hair} I decided to throw her a Little Red Riding Hood birthday party!

This was probably my favorite of all the parties I've thrown, I had so much fun putting it together. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

The Invites:

The Welcome:

Masks from Mahalo's Etsy shop. One of the best Etsy sellers I've done business with :)

Each little guest got a woodland creature mask. 

There were foxes, deer, skunks, wolves, owls, bunnies, bears, and  raccoons!

The Setup:
Little Red Riding Hood also means Woodland theme, in my book. 

The Food:
I decorated the tablescape with tree stumps, moss, and toadstools. 

Complete with lots of woodland themed treats!

Two tier chocolate & vanilla cake with marshmallow fondant, homemade buttercream, and coconut moss. I made the cake myself two nights before the party, and am happy to report that it turned out even better than I imagined it would! Usually, the opposite happens...

Nuts, of course! In Pyrex, no less. {The popular Friendship pattern was perfect for our party theme!}
IKEA lanterns turned into hanging toadstool terrariums. 

Little squirrel nut bowls, found at thrift stores!

Caramel apples with chocolate squirrels :) Squirrel mold can be found here

PB&Js just for good measure. What can I say? With all the kids we had this was the easy way out...

Drinks table.

Lingonberry juice from IKEA was perfect for our theme.

Toadstool sugar cookies, made by the lovely & oh-so-talented Kellee

Truffle fries! Made with real truffle oil, so yummy. 

The Favors:
For adults, on the left. For kids, on the right. 

Handmade crayon rolls with fabric from this great Etsy shop, Francisbel!

Each small guest got a bag full of candy and handmade crayon roll with Little Red fabric.

Each adult guest received a chocolate bar :)

"My what big teeth you have!"  ... "All the better to eat chocolate with!"

Each crayon roll served in a cute little basket from Etsy shop, Pink Lemonade Party!

Violet's Room The Photo Booth:
My dad painted the backdrop in a week, because he's awesome like that. 

Guests could pose as the characters from the fairy tale itself, against a woodland backdrop.

Photo props, Little Red style! There was a Little Red cape, a wolf mask {from this lovely Etsy shop}, and a granny cap with afghan and glasses. 
Also, I got this idea from another blog, little Red Riding Hood quotes to pose with.

Eisley's Room The Craft Room:
In my older daughter's bedroom we set up a craft table. 
Kids got to decorate their own little birdhouses. 
These adorable mini bird houses can currently be found at both Michael's & Joann's. 

The Birthday Girl:
Of course, I had to make "Little Red" a cape, too!
Is anyone coming???
The Guests Arrive:

Two of Jan's adorable woodland creatures. 
Me & my birthday girl!

Jan, who took many of these amazing photos & Kellee, who made the amazing toadsool cookies.

Jan's little Anna, isn't she precious?

Priscilla & Elizabeth. 

Testing out the photo booth. 
My sister, Vesuvius, & I. 

My sister, me, and mom. 

Eisley with her cousins, Ayla & Indy. 

Vesuvius with her Little Bird. 
Cake Time:

And finally, The Presents:

This was one of my favorite parties to host, ever. 
A Happy Birthday to my Violet, my Little Red. 

A year ago, Little Red, God gave us you.

Happy Birthday Violet!


Special thanks to Kellee for trading me beautiful cookies for Pyrex :)
And also Jan who took many of these amazing photos, I'm totally jealous of your photog skills.
My dad for painting the amazing photo booth backdrop in a week, it was perfect!!
My sister, Bea, who made me teary just now with this beautiful blog post of her own. 
And to everyone who came to celebrate with us! Violet is so blessed to have such amazing family & friends.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Came over from the Pyrex Collective! :)

  2. Thanks, Janessa! Nice to meet another fellow Pyrex collector, too :)

  3. What an adorable party! You did a great job

  4. I am beyond amazed! You are so creative. Everything looked so great :)

  5. OH my gosh - this party is AMAZING! You did such a great job putting all the details together, and yes, the friendship is a perfect fit!

  6. Oh my goodness this has got to be THE best party I have ever seen!!! Down to every last detail! That very first photo of your daughter is adorable. I'm not sure if you saw but I have a Lil' Red of my own. Gotta love the red heads :)

  7. That is just so incredible, I'm glad I happened by here! Your pics too...really nice.
    Baby girl is a doll in her red cape :)

  8. What a cute party!! LOVE all the woodland details. I happen to have a deep love of squirrels{I even have a squirrel tattoo!} and a little girl named Violet!!!

  9. Every detail is so fantastic! Hat's off to your party! The squirrel topped apple idea was just GENIUS!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  10. I just came across your site...oh, dear sweet Violet! What a doll...and how blessed she is to have such a creative Mommy!!!

  11. Wow! That party looks amazing! What great ideas.

  12. This is beyond awesome.
    I would love that woodland painting in my house for impromptu photo booth sessions :)

  13. LOVE THIS! I just found your blog after googling for little red riding hood themes and am absolutely enthralled with every post. You, my dear, have a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, love this, lots of awesome ideas! Did you use a pattern for the crayon rolls, would love to make these?

  15. Adorable! I'm doing the same theme for my daughter..looking for inspiration! Do you mind telling me where you found your woodland picture backdrop and how you got those adorable chocolate squirrels to setup in the apples? Thank you so much!


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