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If you're of the crafty, creative persuasion, like me, you're going to love Mollie Makes magazine! I recently discovered this new m...

My Favorite Magazine

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If you're of the crafty, creative persuasion, like me, you're going to love Mollie Makes magazine! I recently discovered this new magazine, which hails from the UK, at my local bookstore. I quickly fell in love with Mollie Makes!

While it's a bit more expensive than  your typical magazine, you get what you pay for. There are hardly any ads, and the ones you do see are pretty and interesting. {Look, I like Country Living as much as the next crafty blogger, but Mollie Makes blows CL out of the water.}

The issue I picked up today even had a little bonus--some ribbon to use in my crafts! 

This magazine is more like a book, it's chock full of Pinterest worthy pictures, craft tutorials, how-to's, and inspiration. 
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Every page is a delight to look at. There is no way I could leave this one on the newstand. I have to bring Mollie Makes home with me.

Vintage pretties take center stage in Mollie Makes--are you sold yet? I can keep going...

I am SO making this crocheted granny square blanket! The current issue of Mollie Makes includes the pattern. 

As if it couldn't get any better, Mollie Makes even has some vintage Pyrex in it! Do you spot the Pyrex in the photo above???

And in Issue 4 {above} I spotted some Pyrex as well. Do you see it?

Some embroidery patterns & directions are included, too.

It's like a 50 page magazine of crafty heaven.

Issue 4 included a tutorial on how to make felt treats, aren't these adorable?

100% of this magazine is Pinterest worthy. 
I pretty much sit and read each issue with my jaw dropped open the entire time. 

Although now I have more on my to-make list than ever. 
Like these darling coin purses:

I strongly urge you to check out your local bookstore for this amazing magazine! I'm in love with it, I know you will be, too. Honestly, lately I've been fed up with these popular magazines {Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, etc} that are 75% ads and 25% ideas I've already seen. 

Mollie Makes is a fresh, truly inspiring magazine that I will continue to purchase, for sure! And for the record, they have no idea I'm posting this--my praise of Mollie Makes is genuine, not solicited :)


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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I love this magazine too! So full of newness--I hate waiting for the issue to get to Barnes & Noble. Did you notice the spine? Line up your issues on your bookshelf---the Mollie Makes logo is slowly appearing.Such attention to great detail.

  2. Cute! I say we just sew felt food the next time we get together and look through your magazines. :)

    If you like to sew, I really like Ottobre. It's from Finland. Not sure if they sell it at B&N though. It's all patterns of cute outfits for little ones and women.

  3. I adore Mollie Makes, I didn't know you had it in the US!
    You can buy the E-version online too! :)

  4. I adore this magazine...I was so in Barns and Nobles today and forgot to look for the new issue!!! Silly me. xoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing Mollie Makes! I wasn't familiar with it, but I will definitely check it out at Barnes and Nobles. It looks addicting....


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