Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quick & Easy Doily Bunting - Tutorial!

 This quick, very easy craft took me less than 15 minutes and cost less than $10! It makes an amazing decoration for a baby shower, party, Valentine's Day, or--as I plan to use it--in a little girl's room.

Have you see the pretty little doilies for sale at Michael's? They're in the $1 bins, and I've purchased tons of them so far. I hope they keep selling them!
 Using five pink doilies, I cut each one in half straight down the middle.
 Then I picked out a pretty coordinating ribbon. This project required less than 5 yards.
 First, I tied a bow in the end of the ribbon, just to gauge where I wanted to start sewing in my doilies.
 Using a zig-zag stitch, I sewed the doilies into the ribbon, folding the ribbon in half over the edge.
 I didn't even bother pinning or ironing the ribbon, I found it easy enough to just place the doilies and fold the ribbon as I sewed along. Between doilies I left about an inch of space, but I think you could adjust this to zero space, or several inches, depending on how long you want your bunting to turn out.
 The zig-zag stitch was perfect to secure the doily, despite the gaps in the crochet work.
Once I finished sewing the doilies in, I trimmed and tied off the other end of ribbon...

 I love the end result! A pretty, dainty little {long!}doily bunting to decorate with. {I'll put it in my daughter's room, but she was napping during the photo shoot.}
 Michael's had different color doilies, I believe I saw blue, green, pink, and white. I think the pink is perfect for Valentine's Day.
Isn't it sweet? And seriously, SEW EASY! I was shocked at how quick this project was from start to finish.
 Hmm... I might have to make more because I'm liking how this looks in the living room...

Happy Crafting!


  1. So adorable...I have 2 hanging in my kitchen make from white lace paper dollies and the other one from fabric bits...don't you just love bunting!!!! I love your blog! xoxox

  2. i saw these the other day at michael's and knew something great could be made with them! these are really sweet :)


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