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Today I just have a quick little makeover for you.  Nothing that special but I do feel inclined to share... This past weekend my family &a...

Before & After: IKEA Wine Rack Makeover

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Today I just have a quick little makeover for you. 
Nothing that special but I do feel inclined to share...

This past weekend my family & I had a quick mini-vacation down to Santa Fe. They are blessed with a Trader Joe's down there. Those lucky ducks.
So, naturally, we stopped and stocked up on the "Two Buck Chuck" and a few other bottles that struck my fancy. 

I could spend all day in a liquor store, I tell you. 
I have a thing for wine bottle labels.

But when we got home again, home again,
jiggity jig,
we were faced with the unfortunate predicament of having a small kitchen and 8 new bottles of wine that didn't quite fit. 
As tempting as it may be, I don't want to just drink them all.
I want to keep them around for a while.

I needed a wine rack.

Here's the problem, they don't make "cute", Lark & Lola-esque wine racks. At least not as far as I've seen. I tried my favorite home decorator stores, nothing.
I tried Amazon {I love Amazon almost as much as my own children}, but all that turned up there was this and if you own one of those, you should probably check yourself into rehab.  {I mean, I love wine as much as the next lush, but I can get through a concert without smuggling it in my bra.}

So finally I turned to IKEA {we have a brand new one here in Denver, did you know?} and found this for just ten bucks. You can even buy three and stack them, but I just wanted one. This is why I adore IKEA. The modern clean lines of their Swedish design isn't so much my style, but they have so many items you can alter easily. 
Sure, it was lacking underwire, but I could still work with it. 
I grabbed a paint pod, you can get these at Ace Hardware. I love the pre-mixed little paint pots, they're perfect for small projects.

Two napping babies, a Lifetime movie on in the background, and a Paint Pod resulted in this:
I did some distressing with sandpaper, and a little bit of stamping some French phrases on there, and just like that I had a wine rack that fit my decor nicely. 

I would love to see a few of them stacked, each a different color...
It seemed like all the other wine racks I found for sale were wrought iron and modern. This bright cheery color makes the dark wine bottles a little less dreary, in my opinion.

So, just a friendly reminder from me to you, if you can't find something that works with your style & decor, don't be afraid to grab a paint pod...

Alright, that's all.
If you're still with me, you may go back to your day now.

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  1. Great colour choice! And it looks lovely amongst all you over kitchen wares.

  2. Is that two friendship pieces on the bottom of that rack?!? I love the wine rack and the color is one of my favorites. I am now coveting pretty much everything in your kitchen:)

  3. Thanks Becki!

    Kellee, why yes that is my small collection of Friendship Pyrex, I've found both while thrifting.

    Thanks for your kind comments & visiting my blog!

  4. What a cute idea! I love the color you chose. I also love your jadite mixing bowl and pyrex primarys'...I'm envious of your kitchen!

  5. Love it! I never think to do things like that. I think I need to have you over to decorate my house. :)

  6. What a great idea! I love this color.

  7. I recently purchased that same wine rack and was also considering painting it. Any reason you chose a paint pod over spray paint? Did you paint it after assembly, or take it apart, paint, and reassemble? Thanks!


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