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Earlier this summer I purchased this antique vanity at a yard sale for a mere $15.  This was uber exciting for me because I have been on the...

My New Old Vanity

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Earlier this summer I purchased this antique vanity at a yard sale for a mere $15. 
This was uber exciting for me because I have been on the lookout for an old vanity for. a. long. time.
I've seen some shabby chic ones at Target, and even the new Denver Ikea has a pretty off-white vanity. But none of those would do. The vintage-lover in me would have nothing but OLD.
So, naturally, I was delighted to find this old thing at a yard sale. It was even after noon that I found it. For only $15! I couldn't believe it was still there. Like it was meant for me. 
And if you've ever visited my blog before you know me: I am not afraid of color. And I am NOT a fan of natural wood. It just isn't me. So, naturally, I painted it. 
Come on, it was BEGGING for a makeover. 
Then there was the mirror. The beautiful, old, patina'd mirror that came with it. 
Now, I have seen a great many reproduction "old" mirrors. But folks, you just cannot fake that. I LOVE the patina to this old mirror. 
But I wanted to do something original with it...
So I grabbed a sheet of scrapbooking paper and I...
...and then I...
oh yeah. 
I went there.
But more on that later... back to the painting...
Now, I'm king of upset with my Nikon here. Because the real color {Tomorrow's Child by Ace Hardware} pops a lot more in real life than it does in these pictures! So you have to imagine it a little more vibrant, and little more AQUA, popping against my gray walls which my husband still has to finish painting...
A few knobs from Hobby Lobby did the trick...
And then a little sand papering on those edges. Because I just can't leave well-enough alone!
I painted the drawers completely, too. It just felt right.
But wait!
I'm not done. 
Every great vanity needs a stool, right?
This pathetic thing IS from Target. I think I bought it the year we got married, 8 years ago now. It was horrible stained and tattered on top. So, naturally, I recovered it and gave it a new coat of paint to match it's new friend.
It's my dream come true!
I have always wanted an antique vanity.
Painted, of course.
LOVING the mirror.
And of course it needed some embellishing so I added some jewelry boxes and the old amber vanity set my mother-in-law handed down to me last Christmas {she knows I like old things.}
I'm in love.
So there it is. My new old vanity.
Again, in real life the color is a bit more vibrant. 
I wish that showed here, but oh well.
The mirror is my favorite part!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I'd love to see your recent furniture makeovers, feel free to comment & link.

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  1. That is beautiful!
    It's my dream dressing table <3

  2. it looks spectacular!what a great fund-and deal :)

  3. Wow! Heather, you are so talented. I love your little finds and how you re-create them into something new to you.

  4. Beautiful results for the vanity. I love the decoupage you did to get the floral papers to show through the mirror.

  5. Oh wow - The mirror is amazing! This is the first I have seen done this way....LOVE IT!

  6. I love it all, it's totally beautiful!! I have a chest of drawers I will attempt... one day! :)

  7. I have been looking for a vanity to redo!!!! This is amazing love it!


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