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So I have to be fully honest here, this is not my idea. This is based on the brilliant idea Laura had as a way to organize her makeup. I fo...

Magnetic Makeup ~ Organizing Tutorial

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So I have to be fully honest here, this is not my idea. This is based on the brilliant idea Laura had as a way to organize her makeup. I found this idea of her's via Pinterest {follow me here, or email me to request an invite} and I was so excited by it that I decided to copy her, though I put my own little spin on it.

See, our master bathroom is small with little counter space. And every morning I do my makeup with my big makeup bag in the way, digging through it.
So this is why the following idea was the perfect solution for me. It's not for everyone, but if you find yourself with little counter space and too much makeup, than you might want to try this brilliant solution,
While Laura used a picture frame and it turned out nicely, I decided to use one of the metal trays I've come across while thrifting. I really love vintage metal trays, and I have several - but now I can finally put one to use!
They are often {pretty much always} magnetic. So I picked up a plate hanger at Michael's as well as some craft magnets. 
I figure that when I need to replace a piece of makeup, I can pry the magnets off and re-use them on the new makeup. OR, they're cheap enough to buy more.
Before I glued on the magnets, I wanted to make sure this tray would hang right. 

Fortunately, it did. And this plate hanger was nice as it came with the hardware to hang it with. Easy peasy.
A tin makes a nice holder for items such as makeup brushes, eyeliners, mascara, etc. I was also happy to have this one {got it from my grandma, thanks Grandma!} because it has a cute built-in clock. I didn't have a clock in my bathroom so this is just another handy detail.
The four neo magnets didn't even need to be glued on, since the tin is also magnetic.
It did need to hang in the middle so it wouldn't tilt the tray.
Then it was simply a matter of gluing my magnets onto my makeup.
 And my floss. Why not? It will help to have that looking back at me everyday.
 I'm a heavy make-up wearer, but I guess I don't have that much of it! Most women probably have more makeup than me. I have some seasonal pieces I keep in my drawer, though. These are my everyday wear items, so it will be good to have them at arms length every morning.
Finally, the great test was to see if those magnets would hold up all my makeup. It works well! I love that in the mornings it will be easy to just grab off the tray when I need it. No more digging through my makeup bag. 
 And having just that much more counter space in my tiny bathroom will make so much of a difference!
 This was a really inexpensive idea, too. I picked up the tray at Goodwill for $1.99. The magnets & plate hanger were all purchased with coupons at Michael's.
Thanks to Laura for the great idea! I put my own spin on it with the vintage tray, but you should also check out her glam chic picture frame makeover

Her first paragraph talks about how hard it is, with so many creative craft blogs out there, to feel like you came up with something original anymore. I know the feeling! I feel like I've had craft-block for quite a while now. And here I am copying her idea :-) Well done, Laura. 

Hopefully this inspiration will get my gears turning again!

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  1. Love thise idea I am gunna do it too Will keepgrandkids hands off my makeup maybe?

  2. I love you spin on this idea. Looks like I'll be needing to take a trip to the thrift store soon! I can't imagine the drawer space I'll have after I do this. :)

  3. Such a good idea. I think the best thing about this for me would be that I would no longer accidentally knock my makeup bag into the sink/on the floor and have to tidy up ten times in one morning!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I am going to post this to pintrest!

  5. Very cute! My sister and I just made our own version, I'll be posting it in the next few weeks and linking your's! It's such a good idea to include face wash and floss!

  6. This is a great idea to organize you accessories and keep them handy. I was searching for articles to buy accessory organizer where i came across your post. Very creative! Keep posting similar stuff. Many thanks once again :)


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