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It's been almost an entire year since I picked up this ornately framed picture from Goodwill {$6.99} and I finally got around to doing ...

Thrifty Chalkboard Makeover

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It's been almost an entire year since I picked up this ornately framed picture from Goodwill {$6.99} and I finally got around to doing something with it this week. 
{My baby is 16 weeks old now and I'm ready to get my craft back on!}

While my Pies were napping, I took the picture outside and got it set up on disposable papers.

For just less than $4 at Walmart, I picked up a can of 
Krylon's spraypaint in Celery. 
The gloss finish is best for this project, I think.

Of course I'm sure most of you know this, 
but impatient me has had to learn this the hard way:
It is better to have to do 10 long, thin coats of spraypaint 
than 1 quick, drippy coat of spraypaint. 
Take it slow to do it well.

Half-way done. 
Here it is with it's fancy, glossy coat of Celery.

Next up is a sponge brush {impatient, remember? and it's all I had on hand} and a can of Rust-oleum's Chalkboard paint for just under $10 at Walmart.

I love the pale green 
{or, as I love to call it, Ladurée Green
against the black.

There you have it!
A brand new chalkboard with a beautiful ornate frame. 
Total cost?
Approximately $20.
{Though I still have tons of chalkboard paint left for more projects.}

I decided to hang it in my dining room.
Perhaps I could write my dinner menus on it or something...

Believe it or not this is my first go with the chalkboard paint.
I think I'm a fan.

I adore thrift store makeovers! 
It's so fun to turn a tacky old thing 
into something fresh and lovely for my home.

If you would like to do this for your own home, start hunting for these types of pictures at your local thrift stores. I see these fairly often, this one was from Italy, a cheap vintage souvenir that frequently shows up in thrift stores. 

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. I love it glad I am not the only one that puts oppy things away just in case... and for sometime when.. but it sure is worth doing as everything always gets used eventually.

  2. It turned out so well. I love the color.

  3. Bravo! You are my kinda girl! I love the before and after. And that Krylon paint in the glossy finish is THE BEST!

  4. So beautiful! I purchased a cork board with an ornate frame (similar color as yours) from TJ Maxx. I have $35.00 in it and I don't have leftover chalkboard paint to play with. I think you scored with this project!

  5. Holy Moly... when I saw the before, I wanted to wash out my eyes with soap. Lots of soap. I could see the potential in it, but, good grief, the visual overload of BLEH really made cringe o_O
    Love your choice of colour for the frame, it looks pretty on that wall. Imagine the before version hanging there! *shudder*

  6. Amazing transformation. It looks SO cute!

  7. I love thrifty. I won't just turn up my nose at the next frame picture I see; I'll definitely give the frame a second look. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Very pretty. I love that color.

  9. I've seen beautiful chalkboards like this all over Etsy and it never occurred to me I can make my own. This is awesome!

  10. Just found your blog and I'm loving it! I just picked up an oval chalkboard at an antique mall for about 10. Love the color you painted yours and it looks perfect in your dining room!

    New follower!


  11. very cool! i love the green color too :)
    stopping by and discovered your blog via fernandflora~


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