Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lark & Lola Outlet

{American Family Kitchen Scale, $42.00}
In case you haven't noticed, I recently re-opened my Etsy shop.
I had opened it ages ago {2008} right before I actually decided to open my own shop hosted on my own website {}
{Shabby Chic Vase Set, $12.00}
With the new baby here, my crafting has slowed down a lot, and my website is not updated often {though still fully functioning}.
 BUT, I still have so many vintage & antique finds that I would like to but shouldn't keep {my house is filled to the brim with pretty things already, just ask my husband.}
{Candle Sconce, sold}
I have some pretty unique curiosities on there!

{Custom Calendar Blocks, $20.00}
And also a *few* handcrafted items. 
{Custom Mini Notebook Set, $15.00}
So head on over, if you should so desire...
{Vintage Typewriter, sold}
...because I'm constantly adding new things...
{Vintage Princess Telephone, sold}
...and at least enjoy the pretty pictures. 
Pinterest, anyone?
I'm happy to send out invites...
{Enamelware Coffee Canister, $8.00}
And thank you for visiting my blog. 


  1. Oh many pretty things!

  2. Your blog is fabulous as is your amazing collection, will take a look!

  3. oh, love the vintage telephone !!
    its so lovely :))



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