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Today I am going  to share with you  my new obsession, my vice.   I recently discovered some blogs that lead me to this new obsessi...

My New Collection!

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Today I am going
 to share with you 
my new obsession, my vice. 

I recently discovered some blogs that lead me to this new obsession, and I became hooked. Ever since {"since" being approximately three weeks ago, now} I've been scouring Goodwill stores and Savers and such looking for items to add to my small, but growing, collection. 

What is it???


But not THIS kind of Pyrex, 
which is probably what you think of first 
when you hear the "P" word, right?

No, no, no, no, no...

THIS kind of Pyrex:

Stacked Pyrex 441s
For years I've been seeing this stuff in thrift & antique shops. But I never really thought much of it until I came across blogs {like this, this, and this one} that showed me just how lovely vintage Pyrex collections can be. 

Now suddenly, I am OBSESSED with creating a collection of my own!

So far, I have collected 24 pieces.
Here is my collection:

I found all of these at the Goodwill & other thrift shops for under $7.
Some even as cheap as 50¢!
It is a humble collection, but quickly growing. As long as I hit the thrift stores early in the day, I seem to have luck finding a piece or two here and there.
{Above: Autumn Harvest mixing bowls, Golden Honeysuckle casserole dish, and Town & Country serving dish.} 
I honestly used to think these dishes were ugly, but I've now come to appreciate their vintage charm!
{Above: Colonial Mist mixing bowl.}
Today when I was leaving the house to run an errand, I accidentally told my husband to please, "Check on Pyrex every 15 minutes or so!"... I meant to check on my napping baby, VIOLET... does that make me a horrible mommy?
My only plain vintage Pyrex so far, a milk glass mixing bowl from the 1950s! {$3}

I just can't help myself, I love the colors & vintage prints!
The above dish {$1} I've been using to hold a recent sewing project in my craft room. I do plan to actually use all this Pyrex, whether for cooking or just for storage around the house...

{Above: Snowflake casserole dish.}
As you can see, not all of it is found in perfect condition. The above dish {$2} I plan to try out Bar Keeper's Friend on to get rid of the scratches. I've been doing to much vintage Pyrex research and have heard amazing things about that cleaning product...
{Above: Snowflake divided serving dish, came with lid.}
But I also find other pieces in really good condition, like the matching Snowflake dish above {$6}.
{Above: Summer Impressions coffee mugs.}
The mugs are probably the easiest pieces to find, but at 50¢ how could I resist? I'm still in that new, puppy love stage where I want to snatch up every piece I can find.
{Above: Square Flowers casserole dish, Spring Blossom Cinderella bowls.}
Just today I found the large green Crazy Daisy Cinderella bowl at Goodwill for $4, then about 30 minutes later I scored the matching white Crazy Daisy bowl at Savers for $3! Talk about good luck.
{Above: Autumn Harvest mixing bowls, Early America bowl, and Shenandoah Cinderella bowl.}
I've never collected anything this passionately before. I never thought I'd be into something like Pyrex, either, but here I am...
...and I enjoy the hunt! I visit antique stores and the Pyrex is easy to find - but the good sets are all at least $25 and sometimes as much as $125. I think it's more fun to hunt them down for mere cents or a few dollars at thrift stores. I plan on hitting up the estate sales this summer as well.

I'd LOVE to score me some of that pink Gooseberry or aqua Butterprint!

And I've really been enjoying learning the history behind all the beautiful vintage Pyrex. It's a fun, relatively inexpensive American collectible. Share pictures of your collections, if you're a Pyrex junkie, too!

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  1. It's gorgeous!!!! I esp love the blues! Too bad you're not in the UK I have a large dinner & tea set of the snowflake in white & black! If you know of any collectors over here please let em know!

  2. Are you selling your set of Pyrex, Mrs Woo? I'd love to see it!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

  3. You have really started a wonderful collection! I love my Pyrex and have so much that I've decided to just try to collect certain patterns. Still if I find a wonderful piece at the right price I get it! I'm going to look for trades soon! Good Luck with more for your collection. hugs, Linda

  4. HI there heather.. I'm just like u.. it's fast becoming a new obsession! gosh, we're not in the same town are we? I hope not.. otherwise, u'll be beating me every time and u'll get all the good stuff.. haha.. hugs xo

  5. Welcome to the wonderful obsession!! its sooo much fun!!!

    Your blog is lovely!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. you are going to have some competition at the thrift stores for this stuff, from me! You have some amazing pieces so far!

  7. You have a nice collection going so far! Nice blog too!

  8. I think we got that same clear mixing bowl as a wedding gift -- I was using it yesterday and wondering if it qualified as vintage. Now I feel old!

  9. I JUST started getting into vintage Pyrex, too! Since I don't have any good thrift stores where I live, most of my purchases will be on eBay, so I am going to try limiting myself to just getting turquoise and pink Pyrex. Your collection is so nice - twenty-four pieces is great for a new collection!

    Feel free to pick up some fifty cent mugs for me, too. ;)

  10. Great collection! I'm a fairly novice collector too, I only started at the beginning of this year. But, so far, I'm loving it! I found that I had to start limiting myself to certain types of pyrex though, just so I don't overwhelm the bf or my small apartment =)

  11. Love your collection! I just started collecting too and I am so hooked. I love how it is simple and classic. Check out my latest find:

    I have not had any luck at GW but I have on Craigslist. Glad I am not in your neck of the woods, you are on the prowl :)

  12. Crazy Daisy is my Pyrex pattern! I've limited myself to only collecting it.

  13. Welcome to your new obsession! Soon your house will be overflowing like the rest of ours...yet it's still so hard to pass any up! And it's so much fun.

  14. Ha's a sickness. I love your blog, too, by the way:)

  15. Just FYI, that's not Crazy Daisy pattern, its spring blossom green. Crazy Daisy is a bit different.

  16. I too thought some of the vintage Pyrex was a little ugly *gasp!* but I just bought my first piece and it's kept me up at night thinking about growing my collection!

    I was at the Brass Armadillo and saw the Pyrex you used for Violet's birthday party (I think), it was the light brown with little mushrooms on it. I wish I knew the name of the collection but I am not that cool!
    Anyway, I saw it and was reminded of your collection. Speaking of, how's it going (growing?) these days?


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