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Welcome to the party!!! After my daughter  Violet's baptism last weekend we hosted a little "Violet themed" soirée at our...

A Violet Themed Party

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Welcome to the party!!!
After my daughter Violet's baptism last weekend we hosted a little "Violet themed" soirée at our house. It was a sweet, grand old time with all our loved ones present, and a wonderful celebration of our blessing that is Violet.

 {Check out this amazing post our friend Colleen did on the party, she is so sweet. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the two of us!}

I wanted to share some of the pictures I did get of the party in honor of Miss. V.

Miss. V with her momma {moi}.
All the violet colored goodies.
Of course, Violet flavored mints. {Acquired taste required.}

Me & V. 
Violet glassware {World Market}.
Violet colored taffy {Sunflower Market}, chalkboard tags {$1/ea at Michael's!}
Yogurt covered pretzels. And purple violet Peeps!
Yellow cupcakes with buttercream {violet, of course} frosting.
French macarons. NOT from Ladurée, but my own failed attempt. 
Cake balls! AKA Cake Pops, sans stick.
Chicken salad on croissants in bakers bags from Etsy.
Peeps & pretzels, served in cupcake wrappers.
Ruffle cake, inspired by Martha. I had to try it, this was the perfect time. 
No party is complete without silver straws

I loved how all the shades of purple violet mixed together. 
That's my V-Pie!

These technically were "flops" but still tasted good. Nutella/marshmallow filling!
Chocolate cross pops.
Forgot to put those out until half way through the party...
Soapmaker/Grandma Erickson made the favors, violet scented soaps. 
Perfect for a baptism party!
Ruffle cake: we love you, not just for your good looks but also what's on the inside.
Aunt Vesuvius with the Vi. 
Learning to use the new Nikon on some of the pretty treats...
After guests left, I had a lot of fun photographing these...
I call this one, The Lonely Cake Ball
Ruffle cake makes for a great subject.
Tempting, isn't it?
Who doesn't love a Violet cupcake? I love my Violet cupcake! All 10 lbs of her...

Most guests took home a plate of treats!
Love, Your Hostess

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  1. I LOVE it... you did SUCH a lovely job!

  2. What a great Violet party and I so love that name I was hoping my daughter would have anoother girl so that name could be used

  3. What lovely decor and treats for your lovely little babygirl! I'm impressed!

  4. So great to have you blogging again! Your new little Violet is precious! Go to Tres Jolie in downtown Littleton ... they have little hard French candies that look like little violets - both color and shape - they look so cute in an apothocary jar! I have mine mixed with their little rose candies in a jar on my shabby little desk!

  5. What a beautiful party! I wouldn't expect anything less from you though! The star of the party is precious, however, and I must admit...outdoes all of the other decorations with her beauty! : )

  6. What a beautiful girl! And a beautiful party! But how in the world do you get your cake balls sooooooo smooth???!!! Awesome job!

  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments!

    @Jessiebug - I like to add a large spoonful of Crisco to my chocolate dip and melt it in. This helps make the chocolate smoother and easier to dip the cake balls in. I notice a lot fewer clumps!

  8. Perfection~ I love it such detail~ I am your newest follower. Lovely Blog. oxox, Diane

  9. Thanks Heather! I'll try that next time! Now one of these days you'll have to show us little Violet's nursery!

  10. Love, love every detail of this Violet Purple event!! I'd loved to see more of life spent enjoying these type of specialness events!! Simply Perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. What a lovely violet birthday party! :) Happy Birthday... Alexandra

  12. Very pretty baptism all the violet treats! Love your daughter's name!!

  13. Violet-delights! Compliments! is a fan!

  14. This is lovely, and I'm very impressed that you made these beautiful desserts yourself. Good inspiration as I plan another christening party myself. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Ah, so beautiful!! Purple is my favorite color, so this party is right up my alley. That ruffle cake is gorgeous.

  16. nice baby great pics.!!!!!!!!!Great and decent combination thanks for shearing



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