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Since I posted the above photo {the edited version on the right} on my Facebook & family life blog last week, I've gotten about a 1...

Making Beautiful Pictures

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Since I posted the above photo {the edited version on the right} on my Facebook & family life blog last week, I've gotten about a 1,000,001 compliments and 'how do you do that's?'

I use a "vintage" photo editing technique, with a soft vignette. I really love the way it makes photos look, don't you? So I want to share some links to tutorials where you can learn to do this yourself.

First, you need decent photos to begin with. You don't need a $1,000+ camera {although there is a Nikon I have my eyes on}, all these photos here were taken with my Samsung point & shoot. The most basic tips for getting a decent photograph is to try unique angles and SNAP SNAP SNAP. I mean, takes TONS of pictures. Just keep snapping them, there are bound to be a few winners in there.
Second, you need to have either Photoshop {you lucky duck!} or you can use Gimp, which is a free Photoshop-like software that has many of the same features. You can download Gimp here.

Finally, before you look at these tutorials, I just want to say one thing. They look complicated to someone who is not a frequent user of Photoshop, but do not be intimidated! I'm a very beginner PS user myself, but with a little patience I was able to master this photo editing technique with the help of these tutorials. Give it a try, if you get stuck ask a computer savvy friend for help or start over at the beginning. And if you succeed, please do share your before & afters with me! I'd love to see them.
So on to the tutorials.
If you're using Photoshop, I recommend this website tutorial at Veerle's Blog and this video tutorial {I strongly recommend visiting both links.} The video is great because you can start & pause it while doing the editing step-by-step along with the video. The video tutorial is shown on a Mac, however, it is the same on Photoshop using a PC.

If you're using Gimp, I recommend this tutorial at Gimpology which includes both written directions and a video at the bottom.

See how this technique made my daughter's blue eyes POP? It's always fun for me to play with this technique and see how to photo turns out, each picture comes out a little different. Good luck & have fun!
Happy Photo Editing!

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  1. What sweet photos! I've never heard of Gimp...I usually use Picnik : ) I have an edition of photoshop, maybe someday I'll actually learn to use it properly. I need more time to do fun things like that!

  2. You should use your Photoshop! It can be a really great tool.

    Thanks for visiting, Destiny!

  3. Love your photos and thanks so much for the great tip....added Gimp to my desk top.

  4. I just have to share a better site then Gimp or even photoshop. It's called, You'll love it! I use it all the time! You can check out my photo blog here just to see what I mean! It gets addicting and it's very easy to use! They have so many features! The basic is free to use. I have the premium which is only $24.95 a year, which is awesome! Anyways, thought I share the site with you. I just know you'll love it. You have a beautiful blog as well! :)

  5. We love you Lark and Lola...where are you?


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