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{Firstly, I'm sorry for the quality of these photos. They're cell phone photos. Because my good camera met it's early demise on ...

Recession Friendly Gifts: Personalized Notebooks

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{Firstly, I'm sorry for the quality of these photos. They're cell phone photos. Because my good camera met it's early demise on my vacation last weekend. Sad.}

Are you fortunate enough to have a Hobby Lobby in your town? I am! And if you've been there you might have seen these cute notebooks for only $2.99! But I think, with a little bit of embellishments their value and cuteness goes way up!
Here's the first of hopefully several posts on recession-friendly gifts you can get/make for Christmas this year!

First, I stamped the recipient's initial on the cover. Everyone loves a personalized gift.
I also went through the notebook, and stamped several pages with something pretty.
I think it adds a lot to the notebook and gives it some charm.
Some more initials are good, too.
Next, I slipped a wide, soft ribbon under the front cover.
And held the knot in place so that I could glue it in place.
Yep. Just tucked some hot glue under there and let it cool.
I've had these charms sitting around for a while, so I figured, why not?
Tie the ends into a bow after securing the charm. Secure the bow with some dabs of hot glue inside the tie so that the bow cannot come undone. Then just seal the ends of the ribbon and...
I think it makes for a lovely, and very inexpensive, personalized gift.
What do you think?

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  1. This is just gorgeous, everything that makes for a thrifty Christmas is really appreciated.

  2. it is adorable. I love all of your stamps heather! I mean love!

  3. Lol thanks! I pretty much am in love with my stamps. They are some of my favorite possessions. Don't tell my husband...

  4. DARLING! Of course, I would have to buy the ribbon, the charms, the ink, and the charms, so mine wouldn't be as inexpensive. But my name begins with J, so I'd be happy to receive that one!

  5. I guess this post *is* more relevant to crafters & scrap-bookers who have tons of "notions" laying around waiting for a good project.

    But I have to say, between Michael's $1 section stamp sets, and Hobby Lobby's weekly 40% off coupons, I think you could still pull it off pretty cheap!

  6. So cute! And so affordable.

  7. Wonderful tutorial - thanks so much for posting. Question, if you don't mind me asking - where do you find your ribbon to do this? I've looked and can't find any similar - the spools I find are mostly wired.

  8. this is such a great idea, thank you for sharing! i saw some great stamps at michaels this week and was trying to think up of a fun project to use them for, and this is perfect!

  9. Cute idea! Where did you find the wood pencils?


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