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Today, Eisley and I went BOOing. Do you know what BOOing is? Maybe you've been Boo'd, or maybe you have no idea. It's the new H...

How To BOO!

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Today, Eisley and I went BOOing.
Do you know what BOOing is? Maybe you've been Boo'd, or maybe you have no idea.

It's the new Halloweentime sensation that's sweeping the nation! The idea is to gift someone with some Halloween goodies and a BOO! sign, then watch as the neighborhood gets festive with Boo! signs on the doors as the trend spreads...

You put together a Halloween goodie bag, like the one I made above, and leave it on your friends & family's doorsteps. Typically a Boo Bag is paired with a poem explaining that they should pass the favor on and go "Boo!" some of their friends. Ideally with a "Boo" sign to mark their door, I did mine a bit different, though...
Here are my bags! They included a Lark & Lola Handcrafted BOO! Garland and a bag of candy corn taffy!
And I wrote this poem all by myself, can you believe it??? Other classic BOOing poems can be found here. But this one was my creation and it met my needs. Feel free to use it yourself:

"You've Been Boo'd!

Some creepy ghosts
have come your way
to wish you a
Happy Halloweentime Day!
But these scary ghosts
you should not upset,
and they will be
if these requests are not met:
You have just a few days
to forward the "Boo!"
(Even though
this boo,
was made just for you!)
So pack a few bags
with some tricks or some treats
and send them off
into your neighborhood streets.
This way the ghosts
will know not to scare.
They'll know you took heart
to their Halloween dare.
Only then can you have
a Happy Halloween,
Without blood.
Without horror.
Without any screams!

Now go BOO! your friends!"

And I printed this out on pretty textured orange paper {which my husband picked out, because he said it looked "like the inside of a pumpkin"} using this font:

{Click to get}

Then I cut the poem out using a pretty border punch. Like so:
Glued it to some black bags...
Filled it with my treats...
And now my Boo bags were ready for delivery!
I delivered 5 bags today. I WISH I could "Boo!" ALL of my friends but time simply didn't allow. The idea is to not get caught, either. I only got caught once, so, not too bad!

{Oh, and BTW, the bags, tissue paper, and candy corn taffy were all dirt cheap at Walmart.}

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  1. Super cute idea! I am going to 'boo' my family this year! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Heather! I love this idea. We used to do something similar, and not nearly as cute, years ago when I lived in AZ. We did this as a family on Sunday, and I posted about it today, with plenty of shout-outs to you and your blog. (Of course, I'm not as creative, and my camera isn't as good, but still...) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I was the lucky recipient of a Lark and Lola Boo! It made our day. The garland was festive and beautiful and my girls totally dug the cand. Shocking, right? What a great tradition.

  4. Heather, you are amazing! I would love to do this if our neighborhood wasn't so shady.

  5. Colleen - I actually don't do it for my neighbors :-D I pick a day and drive around to my family & friends homes. You should do it if you're up for it! It's a great way to spread Halloween cheer, lol.


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