Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pretty File Folder Hang

Make a pretty catch-all for your papers. It's simple!

First, take a file folder. I love the pretty ones from Cavallini & Co.
Punch a hole in the two top corners...
thread a beautiful ribbon through...
... if you're going to hang a lot of heavy stuff in your folder, it'd be best to use metal scrapbooking holes to reinforce, then simply DOUBLE-knot...
Do this on both sides, double-knotting and measuring to make sure sides are proportionate...
... and now you can hang pretty papers on your wall with your file folder!


  1. Brilliant! I am headed to the studio to make myself about 100 of them! Thanks!

  2. That's a clever idea! I always have random pieces of paper laying around cluttering the place up.


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