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So you've seen my home tour, which took place in my rental house . For four years I decorated that little white house with the picket fe...

The NEW Lark & Lola House First Makeover: New floors, painted beams, & MORE paint

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So you've seen my home tour, which took place in my rental house. For four years I decorated that little white house with the picket fence and the awful, damaged 1940s original hardwood floors. We have now moved on...

Today, I'm introducing you to the NEW Lark & Lola house. We just bought our first home, a yellow 1950s ranch with a finished basement, a Dutch door, and a really stinky old garbage disposal that needs replacing. We love it!

Stain & Paint
If you follow my family/personal blog, you've already seen all this. But I have a hard time having two blogs sometimes. I don't know what to post where. I knew my friends and family would love seeing the pre-move updates we made on our new home, but I've also thought to post it here, as Lark & Lola is all about decorating and beautifying the home.

So you tell me, Lark & Lola readers, do you wish to continue seeing home improvement updates? We have a lot planned for this place!
Stain & Paint
Here's the before and after of what we got done the week before moving in. We had a LONG to do list! It very nearly killed us.
Stain & Paint
We refinished the hardwood floors, on the entire main level {apart from the icky, possibly-asbestos-containing linoleum floors in the kitchen and baths}, because not only did we want to change the stain shade, the floors desperately needed refinishing.
Stain & Paint
{There is an air conditioner unit hidden behind those sliding panels, hence the crack. We love funky old homes!}
That also meant getting a paint job done--before staining and refinishing the "brand new" floors--because as you can see I painted those wood beams. I wanted all that ceiling painting done before the floors.
Stain & Paint
{Yes, the bottom us still unfinished, we need to attach a quarter round down there.}
The walls are Seal Gray by Glidden in satin finish. The white is Swan White by Glidden in semi-gloss.
Stain & Paint
The floors are Royal Mahogany by Dura Seal, and we chose a water-based varnish by Bona in semi-gloss.
Stain & Paint
The entire sanding process, and all the headaches involved, is well documented on my family blog. If you want to see more of what that process looked like, see here.
For my Lark & Lola fans, I mainly wanted to share my before & afters of the first redecorating project in the new Lark & Lola house. {Yes, I've named my house.}
Stain & PaintStain & PaintStain & Paint

What do you think? It's EXACTLY what I had in mind. Here was a photo that was inspiration for me, when I went Googling for "dark floors gray walls white beams".

Homeowner Heather

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  1. Oh.My.Holy.Crap!!! It looks awesome!

  2. Love your entire new house! I love your blog and please keep the posts coming. It's one of the few blogs I look at everyday when my little one naps. I have written your before about my little girl being red headed like Violet. I love what you all have worked so hard on doing to your new home. I love the color choices and everything. I know it must be hard with three small children, and by the way hope Violet's poor foot is doing better, poor baby hated that happened to her! My goodness, never would think that would kinda thing would happen. Well, hang in there and love your Blog!!!!! Sincerely, Julie Johnson, Union Grove, N.C.

  3. Beautiful! So crisp but still warm. Really strong aesthetic, love it! (darling baby too xoxo) Congrats on this fun new chapter!

  4. An alternate tip Floor refinishing
    to revamping parquet floors that needs to do with understanding: Use sandpaper in diminishing degrees of coarseness for the finest completions. Contingent upon how awful your old ground surface is, begin with a decently course coarseness, maybe even 20 coarseness for profoundly scratched floors.


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