Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Tiger Birthday Party!

It's hard to believe that my daughter is a five year old! It's hard to believe that I've thrown FIVE birthday parties for her now. {See them all here!}

So, ever since her 4th birthday party she's been asking for a "tiger party" when she turned 5. As much as this theme didn't thrill me {so hard to make tiger's "pretty" for a party!} she was the birthday girl--who was I to argue with her? Tiger theme it is!
May I remind everyone that I had a baby 4 weeks ago? Hence the bouncing tiger we rented. Every time I plan a party for little ones, I think about how to entertain them. You can't invite 15 kids to your house and not have anything for them to do. When I found that Blaster Bounce of Denver had a TIGER bounce house, I said, "That's it! This is our solution to entertainment at Eisley's party." {I'm not being paid to say this, Blaster Bounce was great to work with.}
Do you know how hard it is to find tiger themed party decor, by the way? Leopard and zebra print abounds, it's all over paper plates, cups, tablecloths, etc. But tiger print? Nooo. Not to be found anywhere. I had to get creative, and thus used a lot of zebra print in the decor. Meh. I hope, if anyone finds themselves here at my blog looking for tiger party ideas, that you are inspired!
Eisley watched the Lion King recently and guess what she said she wants her 6th birthday party to be themed? Yep. Lions. Excuse me while I bang my head against the table.
But really, the whole tiger theme came together quite alright. I'm happy with it! I even managed to find tiger striped candles. I had to buy them in a pack WITH leopard and zebra print candles, but who cares?
Since I just had a baby, I decided I just wasn't up to making a cake for Eisley this year. The cake is often the most tedious part of my parties. Just ask my husband, who has witnessed me--several times--up at 2 a.m. the night before a party, crying over the sticky powdered sugar covered floor and throwing the marshmallow fondant that didn't turn out against the wall. Heheh...
These cupcakes were inspired by my friend Jan's s'mores cupcakes. The meringue frosting tastes like marshmallows, and after being scorched with a kitchen torch, they taste like toasted marshmallows--yum! {Although mine didn't taste very good...I think I over toasted the frosting and the boxed mix cake turned out dry. Sorry kids!}
I found the little royal icing tigers at Cake Crafts in Denver. Cute!

And the gorgeous cookies, by Kellee of course! She offered to make them for the party since she has nothing to do all day and is very bored all the time. {I'm being facetious, Kellee accomplishes each day what I can get done in a month.}
These brownies were a hit! They're originally a Halloween recipe idea called Scream Cheese Brownies, but they totally look tiger striped too. So easy, and they were really delicious. I'll be making these again for sure. Just maybe not orange...I'm a little orange'd out.
I made cake pops. ORANGE with black stripes. Woohoo. First time I've ever done cake pops on a stick though, I usually just makes cake bites.
And this was a fun thing to try, I dipped Oreos in melted candy and chocolate and gave them stripes. {Can you tell I was really reaching for tiger things?}
"Tiger Tails!"...also known as Cheetos in zebra print baggies.
The children were forced to drink orange soda whether they liked it or not. Why? Because it looks like "Tiger Juice" when you put stripes on the dispenser. {I also served some fine boxed wine "mommy tiger juice" for adults.}
This was my best tiger find for the party, these vintage Fire King mugs from the 1960s matched the party perfectly and I served up some favors in them! They have the Esso tiger on them. I found an entire basket full of 20 at a thrift store a few months back. It was meant to be!
I put some orange candy in zebra striped bags and stuffed them in these awesome vintage mugs. Each child went home with one.
So that was the "sweets" table...
Violet tested out the drink dispenser before the party.
We also grilled this time. I need some manner to use my Pyrex in a party, so why not serve some real food?
Speaking of real food, try this summer salad--quick, before summer is over! It's delicious. Those are our home grown cherry tomatoes in there too, dontcha know?
The tiger bounce house was a hit with the kids, they barely found time to eat.
Eisley had a great time. I may never know why or how she became so obsessed with tigers, of all things, but I think the party was a success in her eyes.
So many of Eisley's loved ones and friends were there to celebrate with us.
Time to sing "Happy Birthday"!
Make a wish!

Paxton {my new baby} even got into the tiger theme by wearing one on his cute tushie! What a sport.
So, take a good last look at the party...
...because it didn't last long...
Murphy's Law § 102(3) states that if Heather is to throw a party outside during the summer then it must, at some point during the hours listen on said party's invitation,  hail or rain. Hail or rain must be accompanied by threats of lightning and audible thunder to that party guests are forced into Heather's small house out of fear for their lives and hairstyles.

So we moved inside to open presents.

She wanted a tiger just like one she'd seen at a friends house. Of course! A tiger party wouldn't be complete without a giant new tiger friend.
She liked it okay.
Here is Eisley and {almost} all her friend at her 5th birthday party!!

Tigers tiger tigers, but this is what it's all about:


We love you SO much!

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  1. Wow, you nailed it! Looks like a wonderful party.

  2. Oh my gosh! That looks like soooo much fun, I bet she just loved it! Your party planning skills are beyond measure.
    And the tiger tushie... I'm melting. He's adorable! You look awesome too! I'm so impressed with the amount of work you put into this while wrangling your little ones. Way to go!

  3. Wow, I never would have thought that a tiger themed party could be this adorable! Great job! P.S. The fact that you managed all this fabulousness with a new born and 2 young children puts this on a whole other level of amazing!)

  4. wow Heather, seriously fabulous! you need to start a party biz!!!

  5. thank you, thank you! My soon to be 5 yr old daughter asked to have a tiger party as well, and you're absolutely correct...tiger party supplies are scarce if not impossible to find! Like you, I was less than thrilled about the theme, but what the birthday girl wants..
    I will definitely be using some of your great ideas! Thanks again!

  6. thank you, thank you! My soon to be 5 yr old daughter asked to have a tiger party as well, and you're absolutely correct...tiger party supplies are scarce if not impossible to find! Like you, I was less than thrilled about the theme, but what the birthday girl wants..
    I will definitely be using some of your great ideas! Thanks again!

  7. Where did you find the banner? Love it!

    1. Hey Erin, thanks for the kind comment!
      I made the banner using tiger print felt found at the craft store. I sewed cut triangles between tiger print ribbon folded in half. You can do a no-sew easy version of this using tiger print paper and tiger print duct tape too! Search my blog for "no sew bunting", I posted a tutorial a whole back.

      Good luck with your party!

  8. adorable. thanks for posting. BTW, I have the same glass milk bowl that the Tiger cookies are in!

  9. Okay, so my daughter (turning 8) also wants a tiger-themed party! And you are right, it is very hard to find tiger-themed party supplies. I thought I was doing okay with a safari theme, until she pointed out that there were no tigers present at all. So if you have any tips on where I can BUY tiger-themed party supplies (I am so NOT creative), please let me know! ps I am so impressed with the party you threw for your daughter. If you lived anywhere near me, I would hire you throw my daughter's party for me.


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