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Even though I didn't want a full blown baby shower for my third pregnancy, my friends, Jan & Kellee , still managed to throw me a l...

A Shower of Little Golden Books

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Even though I didn't want a full blown baby shower for my third pregnancy, my friends, Jan & Kellee, still managed to throw me a little mini-shower of sorts to celebrate my third baby--and first son!

Behold: a shower of Little Golden Books, hand-sewn treasures, and yes--Pyrex!
Poor Paxton has been brought into a house full of toys that already have my girls' names written all over them. It's really sweet to have something so personal, with his name on it, to start him off with. Behold: a shower of Little Golden Books!
From all my "Lutheran Texas friends" {none of us are actually from Texas, but this is what I call them since we all met in Texas last year}. No child in America did not own at least one of these golden foil spined books as a child, they are classics and loved by all.
They each sent a favorite Little Golden Book.
Each one inscribed by the giver.
Along with sweet little notes and cards that I'm tucking away in his "baby box". I have a baby box for each of my children, filled with things like their hospital bracelets, ultrasound photos, Baptism certificates, etc.
I was sincerely touched, and it was such a sweet thing to open up, to read the notes, and to set aside a nice little book collection {many classics there!} just for Paxton.

Jan sewed him up some darling burp cloths! Babies are so funny. I keep thinking things like, Here is the only gift you'll ever get that is acceptable to vomit on, Little Buddy!
I never though I'd say this but, what cute fabric with cars on it! Well done Jan!

Along with the Little Golden Book theme, she also made a fabric Poky Little Puppy book.
Inscribed and everything, how sweet. We will play with it and take it to church lots of times and then when he gets too old for it someday, we'll stick it in the baby box with his other baby treasures.
Finally, a baby bath towel. With bicycles. Babies. Baths. Bicycles. Beautiful!
All presented in a Pyrex dish--the huge, legendary 4 quart casserole--the size and pattern that I've been looking for, no joke.

I may not have wanted a full blown baby shower, but what my friends did do was the bee's knees. I was really touched by the unique and personal gifts.
Kellee brought a little something just for me too. A handmade Pyrex birdfeeder!! It's hanging in our tree now. Such a creative use for extra Pyrex dishes. Not that I have much extra Pyrex sitting around. :::cough cough::: This is cute and I might just make some myself. Guess I should go thrift some more Pyrex...

A huge thank you to Jan & Kellee and my Texas girls for the heartwarming mini-baby shower! I am blessed to have these friends.

{Sometimes having two blogs is more trouble than it's worth! This is a double post, you can see a little more personal & detailed version of it here at my family blog. Thanks for visiting Lark & Lola today.}


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  1. Handmade, personalized, and Pyrex are the best gifts to get in my book so I'd say you definitely scored! I am so curious to know how Jan made that fabric Poky Little Puppy book. It's amazing!


  2. Such sweet friends you have! All kids need a good little collection of Little Golden Books. And that bird feeder is fabulous! I made a few, but it never occurred to me to use extra Pyrex/Corelle! Awesome!


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