Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Little Love

This morning I decided to redecorate my cute little corner shelves for next month's special holiday. I just love the vintage Valentine style. 
bowl of hearts 
A vintage Fenton milkglass hobnail compote 
makes a great dish to hold my hearts. 
Valentine's postcard 
And I threw some real vintage Valentine's Day cards in there, a postcard, and some actual mail from my grandmother's collection...
Valentine mail 
Of course a good Valentine's Day display would be blah without a little pink & red PYREX, am I right? 
Valentine's Day setup 
I don't always use my red pieces, but they've gotten a lot of attention lately due to the holidays.
Valentine's Pyrex 
Toward the bottom I displayed my Pyrex Drink Ups and some cute new vintage tumblers {thank you, Kellee!}
PYREX Drink Ups and vintage tumblers
{And thanks to Kellee's mom for the cute vintage bell!}
Rainbow stripe Pyrex in Valentine's display
I also threw up a few new frames with some art I cut out of my 2012 Papaya calendar. I LOVE my Papaya calendars.
wall hangings
As you can see below, I just took a couple cheapo IKEA frames and Mod Podge'd some pretty paper to them for a little dress up.
IKEA frame quick redo
{I know, I know. I'm hardly the first person to say, "Hey, let's Mod Podge a cheap picture frame!" right? Point is, save those pretty calendars and do something fun with them.}

What are you putting up for Valentine's Day?



  1. The vintage tumblers and the bell? I feel so very cool now :) Love your arrangement. Can you come do mine now?

  2. New vignettes every month are so much fun. Those little tumblers are the cutest yet! Can't tell if they're plastic or glass but either way they are cute!

    1. They are plastic, aren't they fun? ;-)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. This vignette is too cute! Nicely done!

    1. Thank you!

      Why did the word vignette not occur to me earlier? You commentors are making me wish I'd titled this post "Valentine's Vignette". ;-)

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  5. Just this morning I was thinking of bypassing Valentines Day decorations this year. I just got my house back in order from Christmas and the thought of rearranging AGAIN didn't sound too fun. Well after reading your post, my thoughts have changed completely! Decorating with Pyrex? Sounds perfect to me! I collect pink and keep it displayed in my kitchen at all times so I already have a head start.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Share pictures if you do! Thanks for the comment :)

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  7. Love the corner cabinet. I haven't pulled out my valentine's decor yet but now you have inspired me! I love how it looks. The frames are really cute too!

    1. Thanks so much Kaytee Jane! I did decorate a bit earlier than I normally would for the purpose of this post--but I also was ready for a change after all the Christmas business :)

  8. This is too cute! You are so lucky. I'd love to be able to do this. I have no storage space for anything so can't keep holiday decorations. I LOVE all the vintage dishes. Just my style. Super envious. I'm about to cry. :(

    1. Ahh, storage space can really be a problem, can't it? Have you thought about just keeping one decorative garland for each holiday at least?

      Glad you like my vintage dishes :) and thanks so much for the comment!


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