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It's a DOLLAR SECTION ROUNDUP! Just in time for some Valentine's Day crafting & gifting.   This week I've just happ...

$1-3 Roundup! Cute goods for cheap @ Michaels & Target

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Just in time for some Valentine's Day crafting & gifting.
bobby pin cabochons 
This week I've just happened to notice a crazy amount of cuteness at some dollar sections of our favorite stores, I just have to share some of my finds with you all. 

Both Michaels and Target have great dollar sections, or at least they're total money pits, right? I also have a total love/hate relationship with BOTH of those stores. My closest Michaels and Target both have bad service and also just happen to be the busiest locations in my state. The lines for checkout are horrendous. SO, you're welcome, Michaels and Target, for this free advertising I'm about to do...

Neither of you deserves it. 

birdcage ribbons 
In the $2-5 aisle at Michaels they currently have these ADORABLE birdcage cards loaded with equally adorable ribbons & twine. Super cute.

They're also selling these cabochon hair pins and matching earring right now. 
$2 each. Cute, huh?
$1 notions 
They come in varying colors. While I couldn't buy the entire aisle {I totes would have if I had the dough} I did snap lots of cell phone pictures so that all you fine readers can see what I'm talking about:
Gift tags galore, cabochon jewelry, and all sorts of pretty notions--all in the $2 bins. 
Crafters, eat your hearts out. 
tag sets
These $2 sets come with 12 tags and 4 cute little cards. 
gift tags
Lots of shabby chic stationery too. Bottom right are recipe cards, they're darling.
shabby chic 
More from the $2 aisle, I just love these stationery sets. The one on the right is captioned, "you captured my heart."
valentine cards 
More matching goods, all $2. Lower right are zippered pouches. They actually had several designs in all different sizes. Top left is ceramic boxes, very cute and tons of designs. I was very surprised to see some German glass glitter ornaments and initials for only $2! Score!
pretties from $2 
I picked up a heart and an H for Heather. 
{I'm not sure why I didn't think to take these out of the plastic before photos, but I can assure you, they're quite sparkly.}
Glass glitter 
Paper straws! Party planners will love those. Plus, lots of cute bright circus and candy goodies. Love the stamps.
I wish I could have captured the entire aisle for you...they have good stuff right now.
cicus goods 
At my store, toward the front near the registers they have the $1 bins {which have been sneaked up to $1.50 on most items, actually} and here are some of the pretty things I found there:
good goods 
So don't forget to look for the $2-5 aisle either, it's loaded with pretty stuff. The other side of the aisle is all toys and kids stuff, which would also be great for parties and gifts. 

On to Target! 
I've always enjoyed browsing the Target $1 section, but until now I've never spent much there. I became aware of their cute new Valentine's Day line through my friend Kara Rosenberry when she Instagrammed a picture of the baker's twine. 
Thanks Kara!
crafty goods 
LOTS of awesome crafty Valentine's Day goods at Target right now!
And it's all packaged pretty, one might think it's the Martha Stewart line. 

Picked myself up some of the baker's twine. $1 for 12 yards--AWESOME!
ribbon & twine
And of course Target's $1 section stationery is equally adorable.
The notions, perfect:
$1 notions 
They have a $3 section, which included these wreaths and garlands:
valentines $1
$3 each for these! The lighted hearts are so fun, they came in pink also. 
And I did some shopping for some Valentine's goodie bags for my daughters.
We tried on some cute $1 headbands too. 
I wish I could have pictured it all, but I tried to get all of the very cutest!
These paper stickers would be so much fun for crafting.
paper stickers 
I adored this notepad because it looked like lined school paper. Remember practicing your cursive on that paper?
note pad 
Cute cute cute. 
paper goods 
My very favorite find was probably the chocolate calculator. 
$3 at Target in the dollar section, and it's chocolate scented!
chocolate calculator 
How cute is that?!
chocolate bar

Okay, well thanks for looking. 
Or are you even still with me?
You're probably in your car right now, trying to decide whether to hit of Michaels or Target first, huh?

Heather @ Lark & Lola

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  1. Wow! This makes me want to run right out to target!


  2. Well let me grab my shoes and I'm off to Michaels and Target...

  3. Yeah, you are right!!! I want to rush off to Michael's and Target for some goodies!!! I was just at Target on Monday and never even checked out their $1 section,,,,whaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Thanks for the tips! I gotta to Michaels & Target now. That Baker's twine is calling my name! I do agree with you that these places can be a money pit! Lots of great items.


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