Friday, April 30, 2010

Make it Yours #2

I saw this wood recipe box at a thrift store {though originally a product sold at Michael's!} a couple weeks ago and I liked the color. Not the rooster. But it was $2 so I bought it.

If you want to take advantage of thrift stores but don't feel you have the creative eye to see "potential", take a creative friend with you to help search for items. When you find something you semi-like and you can change it -take it home & MAKE IT YOURS!
I recovered the country rooster with more "me" images. A silhouette and old fonts suit me just fine. {Both images taken from this wonderful book.}
A little matte finish Mod Podge and it it fit in quite well in my kitchen.
My favorite detail is the "Bonjour" I stamped underneath the lid.
What have you "Made Yours"?


  1. Awesome job! I, too, love thrift shopping just for this reason! Hidden potential lies in many a treasure lining the thrift store shelves...

  2. Gorgeous! Please will you trade me pretty things for beer?


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