Thursday, December 17, 2009

Make These Pillows!

While shopping for stocking stuffers at Cost Plus World Market a few days ago, I spotted these ADORABLE dishtowels. They were fittingly named "Bell of the Ball", and I thought they looked Marie Antoinette-esque, I had to get some.

Except right away I thought they wouldn't make very good dishtowels, the image is too large. Instead, I thought they'd make great pillows!

So I picked a couple up for $6 each, then headed over to Hobby Lobby for some trim and pink chenille fabric for the backside.
{Most people with any sewing skills know how to make a pillow, of all things, but I'm showing you how I did it anyway.}

But they were also too long, so I trimmed a little off the top...
and a little off the bottom.
Also, I trimmed off the hemmed edges. They were just adding bulk...
Then I pinned it to my chenille and cut out the same size.
I am no seamstress. Please just know this about me. I have very basic sewing skills and a really lovely, easy-to-use Huskystar E20 by Husqvarna that my mother-in-law gifted me with a few Christmases ago... that said, this is how I know to make a pillow. Sandwich sides together, facing in, and line the trim up along the edges, like so:

The corners take special care. Take your time. I pinned it ALL in place.

I sewed all the edges, of course leaving the hole open for stuffing, to be sewn up last! {See? I know a thing or two about sewing!}
Once stuffed and finished, here is what they look like! I think they're too cute and would be *perfect* in my daughter's room. I'm going to have to get on redecorating now...
Both sides are pretty. Oh, and there's my key pillow. I'm planning a tutorial on that soon, too, so stick around!
Merry Christmas!


  1. These are so pretty! I love the image and the eyelet ruffle!

  2. I love these! Just wondering if you were still going to do a tutorial on the key pillow? I would love to know how to make that! Love your blog!


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