Wednesday, December 17, 2008

{ Welcome to my Home }

I'm participating in the Tip Junkie's Holiday Virtual Home Tour - so here's my post!

Welcome to my home! Okay, so this was a couple Christmases ago, but it sometimes really does snow this much in wintertime:

I finally have a wreath to hang on my door this year!

Over our piano in the entryway hangs a Merry Christmas sign.
Two little lovebirds are cuddled up on my altered book.

Sometimes I wish we could leave Christmas decorations up all year.
There is a new stocking over our fireplace this year.
We went for a fake Christmas tree this year. It's nice not having to water it everyday.

There's not much Christmas decor in my kitchen, but I always like to keep fresh fruit on the butcher block. Apples can be sorta Christmasy right?
Near the kitchen is our phonograph, which made the perfect spot to display Christmas cards.
The other fireplace (sort of a fake fireplace, burns cans of alcohol) didn't get much decorating this year.
I'm thinking this garland will stay up all year. It made me really happy when it worked so well on our light fixture.
The mistletoe has stayed up since last year... heh...

When company comes over during the holidays, this is what the dining room table looks like:

Thanks for visiting my home! I'm having so much fun getting a peek at everyone else's. I LOVE looking through other people's beautiful homes.

{ Merry Christmas! }


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your holiday decor! Your mixed media book with the two love birds is so cute, as is your pastel and non-traditional color theme.

    Happy holidays to you and your lovely family!!

  2. I love your style! It's so fresh!


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