Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make It Yours

After rearranging furniture last week my old dining area had a "hole". So, the other day when Eisley fell asleep for a nap I decided to drag the little bookcase (that's been cluttering my loft) out to make better use of it downstairs.

But as I was pulling books off the shelves to get it ready to move I decided this bookshelf isn't "me". But I'm not in the place to go buy a new one either. So on a total whim, I decided to alter this bookshelf to be a little more ME.

I was shocked when I was able to complete the project in less than an hour, and the baby slept through the entire process. I "Mod Podge'd" pretty paper onto each shelf and sanded the edges to make it look a bit more vintage.

When I was all done and had my new bookshelf in place downstairs, I didn't just like it a little more.

I liked it a LOT more. Yes, it will do just fine.

On a completely different note, one of my pictures from a couple posts back was featured on Tip Junkie! Thanks Tip Junkie!


  1. I just saw your baby shower idea on Tip Junkie. Congrats! I thought it was the cutest baby shower but I'm just biased.


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