Friday, October 31, 2008

Buy Cheap Flowers

Something I've learned recently: buy cheap flowers. The wildflower & "budget" flower bunches last the longest! Whenever I buy roses or more expensive flowers, they last a few days. But I've had these "cheap" flowers last weeks!

I've been taking advantage of the clearance flowers recently, and for $2.50 I'll buy a bouquet of carnations, daisies, and astromelias. Then when I get home, I'll separate them and throw them in different vases & jars on my window sill above the sink. It really cheers up my kitchen!

These pressed glass cups have the fluer de lis design and are currently on clearance at Pier 1! I picked up a pink one and it looks lovely holding my flowers.


  1. A small bunch of flowers totally go a long way in making a home so cheery. I love all the bottles you have holding your flowers -- it makes the entire windowsill so charming. And thank you for the tip on Pier 1's vintage-esq pink glass!

  2. what a great took something nice but ordinary and turned it into something unique and extraordinary. I will definitely be adopting your idea for my place; thanks!

  3. Grace - Yes go check out Pier 1! I just recently "re-discovered" that store and they have some great sales...

    Thanks, Jackee Bloo!

  4. Darling Brittany's sister--

    Please fix me up and deck me in pretty things.


    Brittany's house

  5. Great ideas! I'll have to try some of them out next time I get some shop flowers .


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