Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Loath Clutter - Part 1

As decorating has become one of my passions & obsessions, I've recently grown an intense hatred for all clutter. Maybe I'm getting a little out of control or OCD, but I can't stand when Justin comes in with the mail (90% of it junk mail) and just plops it down on the kitchen counter. I have no tolerance for "floaters" - pens, papers, and tacks - that just wander around your house aimlessly with no real place to belong. I'm still working on my clutter issues, mind you. My butcher block drawers need some serious attention right now. But it's more tolerable, cause I can't see it sitting out. To help prevent clutter that I can see, I try and create pretty ways to catch and hold the items that, if left out on a counter alone, would completely perturb me.

My grandma's silver sugar & creamer set works perfectly on my counter as a little catch all station. I can toss a paper clip in there, and it holds a pen and sticky notes as well as some business cards for me. Plus, it's pretty! What's the point of having it stored away in my garage? And I don't use it, the Queen rarely comes for tea anymore...

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