Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I Made

Some of my most peaceful and happy time are when I'm at home making things.
Despite being the daughter of an artist, I had never before painted on canvas! I love it now. Perhaps a new addiction???
For the cupcake painting, there was no plan. I just started with a light aqua background. I added the scallops up at the top and thought, "Hmm. What next?" Thinking that it almost looked like the window of a bakery in some tiny but quaint village in France (I know, my imaginatin) - I got the idea for the cupcake. Just in case you weren't sure it was a cupcake, I stamped on the word for you! ;-)

Then came my "Pretty Lady" painting. Don't you just adore this color of green? I know I do. I
call them paintings, but this one is really just a green painted background with an image from my computer and some rubber stamping. I LOVE my rubber stamps. I can't live without my rubber stamps. This set especially is my favorite.

I also couldn't resist these door hangers I found at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents each. I did a few, but this one is my favorite.
I used some German glass glitter (the best glitter a crafter can find, the silver petinas with age!) to glam it up a bit. What do you think???
Now *this* needs to be under the titled of "Things My Mom Made". I was so impressed with this "bebe" lettering she created for my baby shower a few weeks ago. You might recognize it as one of Martha's ideas. My mother was able to prove wrong the myth that "Martha only features crafts that no one can actually do." You know you've heard it.
Now it's on the wall in Eisley's room. Although I need to straighten it so the ribbons are all the same heighth.
Thanks mom!

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  1. Hi!
    I loved your things. They are so cute!
    Sometimes i make things to, and some day i will put photos here just like you!(:
    And yes, that green is magnific!;D


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