Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hang Pretty

When my mother in law gave me my beloved Husqvarna sewing machine a couple Christmas's ago, I was eager to try it out right away. I made this bag out of my left over fabric from my living room curtains. The bag is not the best quality, as I am not the best seamstress.

But I put my bag to good use anyway. It's my "inspirational magazine holder" in my craft room now. I often flip through my favorite magazines for musings when I have "crafter's block".

If you have a purse or bag that you can't throw away but you really don't want to use out in public either - find something creative to do with it. Keeping things like this stuffed away in closets is a Lark & Lola no-no!


  1. Love this bag! I love your blog! It's filled with pretty things!

  2. Hi ya! I saw your tip on Tip Junkies and just had to stop over. I hang a couple of totes in my home but I really like the hanger you have yours hung on. So cute!!

  3. Okay, so when I choose the bag to hang and where to hang it.....and how to snag a cute hanger, I will take a pic and blog about it. :)


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