Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lark & Lola Halloween Crafts

October starts tomorrow!
Lark & Lola
Halloween crafts are my favorite! I love how my garlands look in orange and black. While I've been slow at updating my online shop, please know that I'm always taking orders! You're welcome to contact me at: heather{at}larkandlola{dot}com anytime! A handmade "BOO!" garland is just $20.
Lark & Lola
I tried something new with polka dot black and white crepe paper. I think I love it!
Lark & Lola
There is just something about crepe paper ruffles, rosettes, glitter, and old-timey Halloween images that make my heart sing.
Lark & Lola
I'd love to leave these up all month in my home, but they went in my booth at ReNew, so if you're local you can go shop my crafts there. 
Lark & Lola
I'm going to be teaching a class there soon too! You can learn to make rosettes like this. 
Lark & Lola
Or, you know. Just order one from yours truly. 

Cheers & Happy October,

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