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One week ago today, I reopened the business side of Lark & Lola. Yes, I've rented a booth space at ReNew in Englewood/Denver, Color...

Lark & Lola's new booth at ReNew!

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Lark & Lola at ReNew
One week ago today, I reopened the business side of Lark & Lola. Yes, I've rented a booth space at ReNew in Englewood/Denver, Colorado. I've been wanting to open a booth for a long time now. Just recently, everything fell into place for me to be able to do it.

I'm really excited to be "back" and selling my crafts and my hand-picked vintage treasures. Pyrex included!
Vintage goods by Lark & Lola
ReNew is a thrift store that is starting to transform their look, and I'm one of the first booth-renting vendors to move in.
Pyrex on hutch at ReNew
My booth is near the front of the store, right next to the windows. I could not ask for a better spot. The green painted hutch is for sale! I'm not necessarily super eager to sell it, though I will be happy if it does, because I'd have to scramble to get something ready to replace it.

Crib ends make for linen displays
Vintage crib ends--found at a garage sale recently--make nice display pieces for those vintage linens.

If you are in Colorado, you should come check it out. I plan on visiting at least once a week to get more vintage goods & crafts in there for sale. I had a pretty decent inventory to start though...three typewriters ready to go! Everywhere I look in my house, there is something that I can add to my shop.
Grandma's table at ReNew
The baby goods are among my favorite items. The jumbo sized piggy bank, the 1940s unused baby book, the sweet handmade crochet blankets. These are all things I'd love to keep, but I don't need, so I'm passing them on.
Inside the bassinet display
And I can now share with the world some of those vintage greeting cards I've been collecting for years.
Vintage greeting cards
I'm really excited to have this creative outlet, and to be selling things again. I've really missed doing this.
Scale & Fire King sale at ReNew
Plus, I had too many vintage goods packed in my home. My husband has been relieved, I think--and I have been too!--to get some of this stuff out of our home. It's time for these vintage things to find new homes where they will be treasured.
Vintage goodies on hutch at ReNew
My new booth at ReNew is my new "happy place".
Vintage baby items
I'm working hard on more crafts too. I love crafting, and I didn't have too much ready to go put in my shop last week, like this "Bonjour" garland, but I'm working on more! {Currently making up some embellished notebooks.}
"Bonjour" garland
Vintage seasonal goods are fun additions to add this time of year. I actually need to increase my holiday inventory, I think.
Vintage Christmas items
My home is not big enough to keep all the lovely vintage goods I find to myself. I only need so many trays!
Vintage trays for sale!
Yes, even the Pyrex! I can't keep it all. I have tons more Pyrex I can add to my booth.
Pyrex for sale at ReNew
That bassinet is on sale also. But makes a nice baby vignette, so I'd be okay if it doesn't sell right away.
Baby bassinet display
The best part? I'm right next to the front entrance and windows!
Window at my booth in ReNew

I posted this following photo a few weeks ago on Instagram, announcing that I'd be opening at ReNew shortly. On my first day--while still setting up my booth--I managed to sell a few items. The ball clock I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago was the first item to go, I didn't even get a photo of it. Since then, I've been in to check on the store--adding items and rearranging--and a few things have gone missing. Sold! It's a relief to see things sell, but also like saying goodbye to friends. Everything that goes into my booth is something I loved finding. I'll be excited to see what's still there and what is gone at the end of November.

Be sure to check out ReNew if you're in the Denver area anytime soon! I'm so excited to be open for business again and doing something with my crafts {though I desperately need to make more}. I've so missed this part of Lark & Lola.

{Getting ready to reopen was a labor of love. Check out my blog post on getting ready for this, right here over at Last Day Ago, my family blog.}


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  1. I love your booth! It is exactly the type of booth that I would wonder around and take a long look at! I feel like I would grab multiple things. I love the bar cart.


  2. I am so envious of your ability to be able to part with all that awesomeness! Good luck with your booth!

    Oh and one more thing....can I call in a phone order? HA!!!


  3. Love your Hoosier type cabinet and the whole set up looks so nice! I'd be in there in a second, well, right after I went to St. that still there?

  4. It is SO lovely, friend. You did such a great job styling it. Wish I was local and could come shop! :)

  5. Your beautiful booth is so inspiring! I'm anxious to get to staging mine to perfection, too. But first, some photos :)


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