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Another month, another haul. This month I thrifted with three kids {and sometimes my husband} tagging along. I had some good, fun luck! Th...

Thrifty Finds - August 2013

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Another month, another haul. This month I thrifted with three kids {and sometimes my husband} tagging along. I had some good, fun luck! That's part of the fun, walking into a thrift store, you never know what you might find.

A found a little bit of Pyrex. I've never seen those juice glasses before. I also found a mustard yellow 024, another Daisy, and another green Scrolls casserole {I've found three now}. I love the size of the green rim bowls, perfect for the kid's cereal.
This looks like jadite, and I wish it was. It's plastic! But for 50¢, how could I leave it behind? It makes a cute straw holder.
The Friendship casserole I've had for months {years?} but I found the lid just today for $1. I never leave a patterned Pyrex lid behind.
I've had a wall phone on my wish list for quite a while now. Our kitchen has a phone outlet that was just begging for a cute vintage phone. While this Crosley model isn't vintage, I scored it for just five bucks at Arc. Yes please!
If you follow me on Instagram, you've maybe already heard about this find, two boxes of unused Kerr jars, probably 1970s? They're so cute with their pink lids and starburst pattern on the sides. I can think of a million uses. But I also might sell/gift some. I haven't decided yet.
If you're a thrifter like myself, you probably see these vintage Royal China pie plates fairly often. I've been avoiding them for the longest time, but now I couldn't help myself anymore. I bought the apple pie version. Is this another collection starting? Whatever, I'm totally making an apple pie in this. {I really want the pumpkin one, if anyone sees the pumpkin one, grab it for me?}
I wasn't sure if this pan was Cathrineholm when I bought it, but I decided it was better to be safe than sorry. I'm glad I took a chance because it IS Cathrineholm, and not a common piece. For those who aren't aware, Cathrineholm is like Pyrex in that it's collectible vintage cookware. Except it's from Norway, enamelware, worth more, and harder to find.
Totally not vintage, though not sold any more from what I can tell, I found this darling picnic set for my girls at a thrift store for a mere $2. It was sold by Alex toys, cute little blue & white polka dot enamelware!
Some vintage glassware. I've found and sold these cute jars {from Belgium} before.
I have a cupboard full of mix & match vintage tumblers. The full matching modern set we got for our wedding nearly ten years ago is long gone!
I'm totally good when it comes to mugs. My husband would tell you we have about 50 mugs too many in our house, but I couldn't resist picking up this vintage NASA mug. It's marked Federal Glass. Couldn't find any info on it...maybe 1960s? Who knows? Anyone?...Anyone?
Ahh...then there's the globe. Globe collections are "the thing" right now. Lots of people post photos on their blogs of a surface in their home that's covered in 8 or 10 globes of various sizes. I said I'd never do that. But then I found this globe.
I'll still never grow a collection of globes, they take up way too much valuable space that could be used for Pyrex. But this one had such pretty colors and a decorative base. So, just this one. {And using this "How old is your globe?" site, I found out this one is mid-nineties. Not vintage, but still pretty.}
A milkglass cake plate. Looks good on the dining table, for now.
Especially seeing as I recently had a baby, I was super excited to thrift this vintage baby scale! The big plastic tray unscrews, making it a smaller scale like the one in the kitchen. But I like it next to the changing table for now, it holds diapers and such. It's also practical, we have weighed the baby using it. {He's 9.5 lbs.}
{That vintage clock was thrifted this week too, but I'm mad at it because it's completely lavender colored, even the face of the clock is light purple. But every time I try to get a good photo of it, it just looks white. So just forget it, clock!}

Vintage baby clothes. You might think it's silly, but I'll take this stuff over the silly trucks and monkeys that covers modern baby clothes. See? Baby clothes can be precious just like this, without saying "Mommy's Little Stinker" on it or something.
I'm also a practical thrifter, see? I'm not just hunting down ridiculous vintage stuff. My family is almost completely dressed with thrifted clothes. You really can find some great deals there. Like this Gymboree stuff, for my Violet, and it all was like new.
When I see these crocheted blankets, barely used, selling for one or two bucks at thrift stores, I just can't not pick them up. The problem is: I crochet. This blanket would have taken me months to make. I know how much work this is!
The thing is, I'm in cahoots with some folks around here to open up my own booth again soon. You know, to sell my crafts again, as well as some of the fun vintage items I find, but "don't need". More to come on that, but I'm super excited. And a display of Pyrex and sweet little vintage baby clothes & blankets might be nice additions to my booth!

One last look, though this wasn't thrifted, I found it at the antique mall at a thrift store price. This little vintage, hand embroidered baby quilt is just so sweet!

So that's a look at my August finds. On to September! I will probably be thrifting less next month. The holidays are just around the corner you know.

What fun things have you thrifted lately?


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  1. Ha! I knew I'd get you to start with the pie plates. I am totally on the lookout for a pumpkin one for you!

    I didn't realize that the 024 came in that shade of yellow. Did you know it came in red too?

    Not a bad haul at all considering you have to thrift with 3 kids. I haven't been out thrifting hardly at all this whole Summer. In my area, people tend to have more garage sales and donate less. Bring on the Fall!


    1. Yes you sure did get me started with the pie plates! :)

      It's a strange shade of yellow. Almost green. Not the prettiest color, but that's okay--it's Pyrex and I didn't have it!

      Never occurred to me that garage sales could affect thrift stores, but that really makes sense!

      Thanks for the comment Erica!

  2. Yeah for the Cathrineholm! I love that color and pattern. And the baby quilt is so sweet! Such a cool find.
    It looks like you did pretty well considering you had to drag everyone around with you. Maybe they are your lucky charms!

    1. Lucky charms indeed! Thinking of it that way makes the fussing not so bad when we're out thrifting. ("Another thrift store mom???" haha!)

      Thanks Melissa!

  3. You found some great stuff!! I had not heard of the Cathrineholm. Now I will have to keep my eyes peeled. Those little pyrex glasses are so cute!!!


    1. Thanks Emily! I'd honestly never seen those little Pyrex glasses before. Just when I think I've seen it all, a new Pyrex pieces humbles me. :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I would say that with three kids in tow, you did very well! You found some really pretty things. I have never seen the Catherineholm before and will have my eyes out for that! The baby clothes and quilt are just precious and I would love to find a phone like that one and the lavender clock!

    Best wishes,

    1. Ranae, thank you! You should check out some photos of the Cathrineholm collections, that's how Pyrex got me--seeing it all together. It's very cute stuff! Almost a good thing I don't find it often because I can't handle another collection.


  5. I found your blog and love it and would like to follow you but it says you are not email enabled.

    1. I fixed this! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!


  6. Wow, I love all the stuff you found this month, and I love seeing where you've put it/what you'll do with it! Like I love the white milk glass cake stand on your table with salt & pepper in the Butterprint fridgie!!
    I love Cathrineholm too, it's so so pretty, but near impossible to find in Australia. I've only seen one piece at an antique fair for a ridiculous price, but one day I'll find some in an Op Shop (thrift store) and do a little dance! Lol!
    The baby scale is so handy for your new bub too!
    Great finds!

    1. Funny you say "new bub" is that a common nickname in Australia? I've been calling him "bubs" ever since we brought him home!

      Wow, what I wouldn't give to go thrifing in YOUR country! I've heard about Australian Pyrex... ;-)

      Thanks for the comment Charlotte!

  7. Holy moly! What a huge lot of great finds!

    1. Thanks Amber! Living in a city is both good and bad...there are more thrift stores to visit, more people donating, and thus more of my money leaving my thrifting envelope each month...


  8. I want to go thrifting with you! I never find stuff this good!

    XOXO/Lena @ root&blossom

    1. Well, I HAVE often wished I had a good thrifting buddy ;-)

      What part of the country are you from? I know location has a lot to do with what you find while thrifting.

      Thanks Lena!

  9. You do find some seriously fabulous things! I feel the same way about crocheted blankets except I don't crochet, that's why I snap them up! I know I couldn't finish one of those suckers in a billion years!

    1. I just finished my first full blanket recently { blanket!} so I'm sort of the same--I'd never spend the time making it, and Goodwill is selling it for two bucks...?

      yes please!


  10. I am always in awe of your Pyrex finds. I love seeing your finds and your collection. I love the green scrolls casserole! I haven't found much Pyrex at all here in Pennsylvania at the thrift stores.


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