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For Favorite Things Friday this week I thought I'd just share a few of my recent favorite thrift finds. If you follow me on Instagram ...

Favorite Things Friday No. 3: Recent Thrifty Finds

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For Favorite Things Friday this week I thought I'd just share a few of my recent favorite thrift finds. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen this all already. If not, enjoy :)
This week I found a green Fenton vase. While some might be tempted to call this jadite, it's actually a shade named "lime sherbert", but also often referred to as satin vaseline glass. I paid $6 for it at Goodwill. I love it, I actually needed a good new vase, as I've just been using pitchers.

{Yes, that's a fake flower. Look, we've had a late winter here in Colorado, okay? My real peonies haven't bloomed yet.}

A few weeks back I found this Westclox wind-up alarm clock. I love the font used for the numbers. I think this is from the late 1930s. I paid $5 for it at Goodwill, but I've seen these listed on Etsy for around $30, so that's a great deal. 

A couple of days ago, at an antique mall, I discovered these Lefton owl salt & pepper shakers with the rhinestone eyes. They were in mint condition, with stoppers, no cracking in the glaze, no chips, they looked brand new. And they were only $8.50 for the pair, so I was very excited! 

Lefton is a china company started in 1941 by George Zoltan Lefton. 
I've long adored the vintage "bluebird" collection by Lefton and am dying to get my hands on it, but the bluebird stuff is PRI$Y so I'm happy to find these cute owls to start off with. 

I actually thrifted some Pyrex this month! Three Butterprint fridgies. Not bad.
$5 each at Arc.
The top fridgie has a thumbprint in the original print! A funny little manufacturing defect I've never seen before. Just makes it more interesting to me. 

I was really excited to find these Fire King mugs all because of the gorgeous colors. I haven't ever seen these mugs in pink & turquoise before. All three 99¢ each. For as much as I love Pyrex, I like Fire King better when it comes to mugs, but these colors match Gooseberry & Butterprint perfectly, don't they? 

I picked up each of these vintage Ball quilted jars separately, 99¢ each. These vintage Ball canning jars with the retro lids go for much more on Etsy, however, so if you ever see them when you're out thrifting, snatch them up!

I need suggestions though, what should I do with these???

Finally, our new chenille bedspread and pillowcases. I don't think these are vintage, because they were in such good condition and seemed new. Still, a good thrifty find to be sure. I paid $12 for the set. Not bad considering what new bed linens at department stores cost! And I adore the vintage look of chenille.

This is why I thrift, finding fun vintage, antique, and repro goods for cheap is always fun. I enjoy the hunt. So that's my Favorite Things Friday for today!

What fun things have you thrifted lately?


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  1. Some fabulous finds in there that make me very jealous! The mugs are way cool & the Lefton shakers are great - good price, too!

    I have Butterprint coming out my butt! Butt always bring home more when I have the chance.

    1. Thanks Sir Thrift-A-Lot! Butterprint coming out of your butt? Haha! I can see how that might happen, I find a lot of Butterprint too.

  2. That last bit of snow will hopefully be it this year! We need the moisture, but rain is good too! Great finds. The Fenton vase is lovely and the thumb print fridgie is so cool!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Aren't you in the Springs? Has it been just as crazy down there?

  3. Where to start? I love EVERYTHING! I have one of the Lefton owls. I found him all alone at Goodwill & couldn't leave him behind. The font on that clock is great. I would love to find one for my bedroom nightstand. I also really love the way you displayed those Fire King mugs.

    I found a vintage pink chenille bedspread at a yard sale yesterday. I can't wait to wash it up and put it on my bed!

    Have a great weekend. Hope Mother Nature decides to stop taking it out on all of you poor Colorado people:-)


    1. Ooh, I hope you share pictures of the pink chenille! I'd love to see! Even one Lefton owl at a thrift store is awesome. I've never found cute Lefton at a thrift store.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. look at all those wonderful bargains. BUT, the chennille bedspread beats them all vintage or not it is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much Ann! I'm almost glad its probably not vintage, it'd probably have some wear if it was. :)

  5. So many great finds! The chenille bed set is so pretty! I love those Fire King mugs too and they are displayed beautifully. I think it's neat that the fridgie has that thumbprint :) I have some pieces with smudges but no prints, lol.

    1. I do too! The thumbprint just makes it interesting to me.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  6. Wow! I love all of these finds! I did find a pink daisy divided dish this weekend.

    1. Ooh, anything pink makes my thrifting day instantly better. I LOVE finding pink Pyrex! ;-)

  7. Just wanted to drop a note saying hi and that I'm a new follower to your blog! Love your style!


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