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We threw my daughter, Violet,  a Dumbo themed birthday party last week! It was so fun, and I had a great time creating this party the...

A Dumbo Party!

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It's a Dumbo Party!
We threw my daughter, Violet, 
a Dumbo themed birthday party last week!
It was so fun, and I had a great time creating this party theme. You can see a more personal post over at my family blog, Last Day Ago, but here at Lark & Lola I just thought I'd share some party details for anyone looking for some Dumbo inspiration.

Is it party time yet?
My daughter, Violet Grace, turns two!
It's a Dumbo Party!
A Dumbo friend from the Disney Store helped decorate the table.
Cake made by mommy
I made her this birthday cake, I took cake decorating classes a few years back. 
Dumbo color flow topper
A color flow Dumbo 
Popcorn machine
The popcorn machine we rented was a hit.
Popcorn in Pyrex
With some paper goods supplied by Bon Fortune on Etsy. 
Cake balls & meringues
Cake balls & meringues! 
Time to partay!
Almost complete...
I decorated with pages from vintage Dumbo books. 
Party banner
Don't worry, no vintage books were harmed in this process. 
Let me count...I'm TWO! 
I ordered her special Dumbo dress from The Sew Princess on Etsy. 
Basket of books
Favors were Dumbo books by Little Golden, ordered here
Dumbo Little Golden Books
Very cute & easy family favors.
Vintage 1950s Dumbo book
I also had to get my hands on a 1950s version, found on Etsy. 
Dumbo book pages decorate
The pages of the vintage book also decorated this IKEA canopy
Piglets in a blanket
For easy food we served piglets in a blanket. 
Popcorn sign
The industrial looking machine was easily dressed up.
Violet & Mommy
Violet & I. 
Cookies by Kellee
Cookies by Kellee!
Vintage Dumbo
A thrifted, vintage, Dumbo looking find. 
Our special guest!
Coconut the Clown
Yes, clowns are sometimes considered creepy. We hired one anyway. 
Clown & kids
He was a HIT with the kids!
Well, except one. 
Violet & Daddy
Happy Birthday Violet! XOXO
Violet banner
A Violet party bunting, I made this with felt and pom pom trim. 
Party mess!
The post-party mess!
Violet cleans
We made the birthday girl clean up.

Thanks so much for visiting!
You can see more photos at my personal blog, Last Day Ago.

Special thanks to my friend Jan for use of a few of her photos as well!
She did a special post about the Dumbo party also--thanks Jan! 


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  1. Loved the whole Dumbo party theme! My little girl looks just like Violet, you wouldn't believe, red hair and blue eyes too!!! My little Lily Grace is almost 18 months and you are giving me alot of ideas for her 2nd Birthday, LOL. I am a stay at home mom and absolutely LOVE your blogs. Sometimes it's just nice at the end of a long day to see what you've decorated, or baked. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks, Julie Johnson, Union Grove, N.C.

    1. Julie, thanks so much for your awesome comment! How funny, I feel like I rarely see little red-heads like my Violet until recently they've been popping up everywhere. :)

      Do you have a blog? I'd love to see it! Either way, thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment.


    2. Hey Heather:
      No, I don't have a blog, need to get one though. Love all your ideas and crafts, just love your sense of style! Look forward to seeing more. Take Care, Julie

  2. HEATHER, Shut the Front Door! You have outdone yourself. This is stunning. You need to start a party planning business or supply etsy shop STAT!

    1. Aww, you're always too kind to me Kara! As much as I love it, I don't think I want to do parties as a business. I think I'd be too stressed trying to make things perfect for other people! :-S

      Thanks so much for your kind comment :)

  3. Wow, you thought of everything! I love all of the attention to detail. Nice job!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is one of the cutest parties I have seen. So cute!
    I love all of your attention to detail. I'm such a sucker for details. :)
    Happy belated birthday to the darling little gal, too.
    Cerri xo
    PS, I am hosting a May basket swap and would LOVE to have you play along.

  5. I absolutely love everything about this party! My daughter, who will be two, looooves Dumbo, so this will be our theme as well. Where did you get the cake topper? Did you make it?

  6. I love it! We did a dumbo party for my son's first birthday, we had the same ideas from favors to decorating with vintage dumbo books :) We did primary colors though, rainbow cake, and the topper, I used a hallmark dumbo christmas ornament! I LOVE the color scheme you used!

  7. First off the party is adorable! I was wondering if you would make another cake topper? I am looking to throw a Dumbo party in about a month and I love that topper!

  8. Amazing, my daughter loves Dumbo and I am planning a Dumbo theme birthday party for her 3rd birthday, and I have surely 'stole' some of your ideas!

  9. Love this theme. My daughter-in-law is planning a dumbo themed party for her daughter's first birthday and is using your blog as inspiration for some ideas. I am curious about the cake topper. I have done sugar cookies before and was going to give this a try - did you have a cookie cutter or can you give me any hints as to how you did this. This is probably one of the cutest ideas I've seen.

    1. Linda, thanks for the comment! I made the topper in a similar fashion to decorated sugar cookies. But instead of royal icing I used color flow which is similar but better for this type of decorating. To make the Dumbo topper, I printed out a coloring book Dumbo image I found online and taped it to a car board, then I taped wax paper over it so I could see the design and pipe the color flow over it. I used food markers for the details, the eyes and such. I always make multiples because color flow can be fragile. I piped two "pegs" of color flow at the bottom to attach skewers to so I could stand the Dumbo up in the cake. Color flow decor also needs to be made a few days ahead to have enough time to dry. Also, the best way to learn to do color flow decorations would be to watch some YouTube video tutorials! Seeing it done always helps me.

      Best luck!

    2. Thank you so much Heather. One last question - once you did the color flow did you remove it from the cardboard. I'm going to You Tube but thought I would check first.

  10. I love this party theme, this all looks amazing! You are truly talented! I want to do my daughters first birthday party with the dumbo theme so I've been looked online for some inspiration, yours and one other I have seen with the dumbo canopy but I cannot seem to find where I can buy one of those at. I clicked the link provided but it said error. Also I was wondering how you made the vintage book page wall penants? They look amazing and I was thinking of doing somethjg similar

  11. was thinking of doing somethjg similar


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