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Hello there friends! I wanted to check in and share with you some of my recent thrifty finds--most of my favorites. Since you know I&#...

Confessions of a thrift store addict...

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Thrifted Cross-Stitch
Hello there friends!
I wanted to check in and share with you some of my recent thrifty finds--most of my favorites. Since you know I'm not doing much crafting these days {blame my ginger child} I've been making up for it by thrifting. 

This recent find was a little bit of a craft, I've never really been one for cross stitch art, but this one really grabbed me. The frame was an ugly, drab wood, though. So I brought it home and painted the frame a cheery yellow. Much better, don't you think?
Vintage Cross-Stitch Art
Okay, technically these weren't thrifted, I found them at A Paris Street Market in Littleton last week. They grabbed my attention immediately {in my favorite glassware booth} because of their marbled jadite & white--which is apparently called "slag glass". I was even more delighted to find out that they're vintage Westmoreland Glass Company {WGC is among my favorites when it comes to vintage glass} and finally, they were priced at $15 for the pair. How could I leave them?
Westmoreland Slag Glass Jadite Candlesticks
They might look kind of odd to you, like horns or something, but look at how fun and whimsical they look on my dining room table with candles in them:
Westmoreland Slag Glass Jadite Candlestick
All swirly and pretty. 
I'm very smitten with these.
My dining room table...
These Jane Rae jadite dishes by Fire King made for the second time I've EVER found jadite at a thrift store. I bought them for a steal, excited to find vintage jadite at all, but on my way out of the GOUGEwill {aka Goodwill} I noticed the other half of the set {creamer, saucers, plates} were in the showcase for $39.99!
So, naturally I asked for the manager and tried to talk her into giving me the rest of the set for the same price as these ($3 a piece) making my case that it would be a shame to split up a set. She told me that I only got away with these prices because someone mismarked them and that jadite {or, "jeah-dight", as she pronounced it} was worth much more and she wouldn't give them to me for such a low price. Boo!
At least I got away with these:
Jane Rae Jadite
This cute vintage ceramic honey pot/creamer is in the shape of a beehive and decorated with little gold cute! {We keep bees, so I was especially excited for this find.}
Beehive Honey Pot
My husband's last name is Sander, so I couldn't pass these cute hankies up. I'm torn between whether to use them ourselves or gift them to his grandma...thoughts?
Vintage pack of hankies...
Exciting Pyrex finds, too!
I found the 443 & 444 that finished off my Gooseberry set!
I've been hunting for these for a long time, so I was ecstatic to find them on a shelf in the Gougewill.
Gooseberry Pink
{Fun fact: did you know that the Gougewill CEO makes over $700k a year??? And that Gougewill is actually a not-for-profit company, NOT "non-profit". Also, they overprice your donations. Which they get for free. Because they're greedy. Also, they pay minimum wage. Just some fun facts for you...I'm not still bitter about the jeah-dite, I swear.}

A friend gave me my second orange Butterprint--woot!
Orange Butterprint 444 & 443
I also picked up these fun West Bend cake plates & covers. Aren't the graphics so cute???
Thrifted cake plates with covers
I just love these! I'm going to keep the pinkish one, I'll be listing the copper & black on my Etsy shop, so keep your eye out! 
Love this vintage cake plate & cover
Sometimes I feel the need to make up for the money I spend at thrift stores by selling some cute things on Etsy & eBay. We all do it, right? So while I was excited to find this Cathrineholm dutch oven, I sort of wanted to keep it. But you've all seen my Pyrex collection. I don't need another collection. 
So I bought it for $5 at the ARC, it sold on eBay for $44. 
It was hard to ship off, it's so cute, but it helps make up for the spending I do while thrifting...
Cathrineholm 8qt Dutch Oven
This yellow clock was just a fun, cheap buy. It works!
Thrifted Yellow Clock
These cute beaded edge fruit plates were handpainted...
Westmoreland Beaded Edge Fruit Plates
I didn't even realize until I got home with them that they are also Westmoreland Glass Company! I think they're so darling. 
Westmoreland Beaded Edge Fruit Plates
I found another my scale count is up to 3. And I'm not intending to collect them...which one should I keep?
Thrifted Scales
A friend also thrifted me the 502 {top left} pink Gooseberry fridgie that I needed to complete my set! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to complete a set?
Gooseberry Fridgies--complete!
And then there's THIS!
Another Pyrex collecting friend was lucky enough to already own this dish, and she probably got sick of my constant threats to steal it from her, so when she found another at a flea market, she picked it up for me. I was so excited! This Pyrex Starburst space saver was at the top of my "to find" list!
Starburst Space Saver!!!
And just today, I picked up this Balloons bowl. It's a promotional Pyrex, somewhat rare, from 1960. I found it on Craigslist.
{I know, I rarely post, but when I do--I post a doozy!}
I thought this cart looked cute so I bought it for the shockingly reasonable price of $8 at GOUGEwill. That's more like it...
$8 cart from Gougewill
I painted it pink, and gave it a glossy enamel finish.
The finished cart
Cute, no?

I like it...

Thanks for visiting! Please link your thrifty finds below, thrift stores finds always make for my favorites blog posts. 


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  1. Oh Heather - this post made me drool a little bit! The Pyrex! The scales! The candle stick holders (which I love a little bit, okay a lot) and the pink cart...OH, the pink cart.

    It's fabulous. You are my thrift store inspiration.

  2. Wonderful finds! I'm astounded at "Gougewill"'s CEO. Shame on him. I think you should keep the yellow sears scales, they are beautiful! I too am inspired by your thrift shop finds, or as we say in Oz, op shop finds. Enjoy your hunting!

    1. Op shop, I like that!

      Thanks for visiting and your comment :)

  3. Goodwill is so greedy, it's sick! But I'm so in love with all your fabulous finds! I love the cross-stitch and the pink tray! And that pink cart! And the Pyrex! (Ok, everything!) Lovely :)

  4. I love your style and will come back soon.
    Lovely hugs

    1. Thank you, Molly! I'll have to go check out your blog if you like my style--I'll probably like yours, too. ;-)

  5. Adorable! I love that you love pink.

    1. Do you like pink? It's Kellee who doesn't, right?

  6. WOW! I am so jealous! Can't believe you found the gooseberry stuff at a thrift store. They are really difficult to find. I'm from Pittsburgh and have looked for anything Gooseberry for several years and don't see much. Love the cart too.
    I agree with you - Goodwill is pricey.Of all the thrift stores I think their prices are the highest. It makes you made because they get they get that stuff for nothing. Greedy is right!
    Keep showing all of your great finds.

  7. Seriously, I am moving to CO just so I can shop your Gougewill, jeah-dite and all!! :] You got some great finds girl!! LOVE the cart makoever!!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Hi! I just found the Pyrex starburst space saver at my local goodwill. What do you think it's worth? I don't plan on selling it, I'm just starting my collection! Love your blog by the way :)

    1. Great find! Honestly, it depends on exact condition. Really minty ones have been seen going for $200-300 lately on eBay. If you get the crazies on the Pyrex Facebook pages involved though, the price could be higher. Just this week a Cloverberry went for $1300+!! That's crazy if you ask me. Great thrift find!

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. Wow! I only paid $4.00 for it! It has the glass lid on it and the aqua has faded some. But I love it! Thanks for the fast response!


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