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I've had this little greenhouse for a little while now and couldn't decide what to do with it. Then I saw Martha's Fairyland Ter...

Fake Terrarium

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I've had this little greenhouse for a little while now and couldn't decide what to do with it. Then I saw Martha's Fairyland Terrarium tutorial and I fell in love with the idea. But I have a serious black thumb. So when I found all the lovely fake & dried moss at Michael's I knew what I would do both with my greenhouse and for my terrarium craving.

I skipped the dirt & stones, because I can since it's fake! I just went straight to the fake moss. This moss came in a sheet, and so I cut it to size, using the excess to build it up a little underneath.
I layered a couple small sheets to create a hump.
And then tucked the sheet I cut to size in. {This stuff stinks, just be forewarned.}
I had picked up this bag of assorted dried moss, so I tucked some of it in.
And added some fake butterflies for the "fairyland" effect like Martha's. I really need to get my hands on one of those cute polkadot mushrooms, anyone know where I can find one?
So there you have it, a terrarium I can't kill.
I love what little splashes of bright green can do for a room. I have green overload right now on my hutch, but I love it.

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  1. This looks so cute. I love the turquoise and the green. I can hardly resist that combination.

  2. The absolute adorableness of your home is starting to make me hate you. A little.

    (I can say that people because she is my sister).

  3. Oh i love it! How lovely! BTW of course you can use my idea of gelatin tin easter baskets. Have at it!

  4. @Sweet Bee Cottage - blues & greens are my *favorite!* I agree, irresistible.

    @Brittany - I only post picture of the good stuff and leave the mess, the clutter, and the ugly junk out of it. You'll see it tomorrow for yourself...

  5. Thanks Kara! Can't wait to see more of your & your shows/shops this summer!

  6. Oh that's so adorable, the perfect springtime accessory ;)

  7. Hey Heather! I love your stuff! You inspire me and give me ideas for my own house. I always check out your booth at Paris Street Market and can't wait for May 1! Even though I live in Parker I have yet to check out the Carriage Shops in Elizabeth . . . hmm - maybe tomorrow! I do know where you can get the mushrooms for your cute terrarium -

  8. I love the way this turned out! BTW, Target has some little ceramic mushrooms you could paint red and white in their dollar spot.


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