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I have a confession. I love seeing in another woman's purse. It's almost like getting a quick glimpse at your personality and lifest...

What's in a purse?

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I have a confession. I love seeing in another woman's purse. It's almost like getting a quick glimpse at your personality and lifestyle. It's the best way, I swear, to learn more about a friend. Nosy, yes, but fun nonetheless.

Does this make me weird?

I thought I'd share with you what's in my purse {sans dirty old receipts, crumbs of my daughter's snacks, and candy/gum wrappers}. I also hope you do the same, if you're brave, post on your blog the contents of your purse? We can learn more about each other! ;-)
These are a few of my favorite things:
The turquoise blue purse itself. From Target. I'm so sick of it, but just when I've convinced my husband I NEED a new purse {from Juicy this time?} - another person compliments me on it and he gives me the, "See? It's fine, you don't need a new purse" look. I think me & the purse are going on two years now...
2. Digital camera case. Didn't start carrying the camera around until I became a parent... yet I still always miss the perfect shot of her doing something new/cute/funny. This one was $8 at Walmart.
3. Keys & flower hair clip. Both must haves, for certain.
4. PaPaYa!'s 2010 weekly planner.
5. T-Mobile My Touch. I love this phone. I just recently upgraded from a G1.
6. Metal wallet from Germany {well, a store in downtown Littleton, but the company that makes these - Hansaware - is in Germany.}
7. Matching metal checkbook cover - also Hansaware.
8. Volvo key with broken spring, Jazzercise pass, & pen.
9. My two favorite lip treatments: Burt's Bees lipgloss and Aveda's Uruku lipstick in Sheer Cassava. Every time I go into an Aveda store to replace another one of these the employees look at me like I'm crazy and then insist that I try the color on to make sure I like it, even if I tell them I always wear this color they insist that it might have "changed" since I last bought it. So to humor them I do try it on and it makes me smile inside when the Aveda employee sees it on me and says something like, "Oh! That color does look good on you!" {Why do they always doubt me? Because the lipstick looks too purple & dark for my skin tone, I think...}
10. Newman's Organic Breathmints. Thank you, Sunflower Market.
11. My Valentine's present from Mr. Lark & Lola this year - Lady Gaga Heartbeats {ear bud headphones}. I was skeptical at first because ear buds always hurt me ears {arrgh!}, but these are SO comfy & I can use them with my phone. He also says the sound quality is much better on these babies, but I never pay attention to that kind of thing {I'm not an audio/video geek like he is}. Want a pair? Go get some from my husband at Listen Up, ask for Justin.

Forgive me from sparing you the mess & trash in my purse - I promise you there's plenty of it.
But this was the fun stuff.

I showed you mine, so show me yours!

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  1. I love the color of your purse! And I want that weekly organizer so bad, I can taste it. Great contents.

    I just posted my purse contents. Feel free to take a look.

  2. Great post, I love that purse too! So glad you did this with me, the more the merrier. :-)

  3. I am so going to join you in doing this! So fun!!!

  4. No, you are not weird! I LOVE your blog, and nothing makes me miss Colorado more than hearing about Hobby Lobby (well, other than thinking of my son in his fiancee who still live there)! How I miss it! We don't have them in Oregon. Bummer! I'll be in town later this year, and I'll try to visit your shop!



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