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We're moving to a new house next week, and to prepare for the new digs - I'm giving half my furniture a makeover! You won't hea...

My Fair Lamp - {Tutorial!}

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We're moving to a new house next week, and to prepare for the new digs - I'm giving half my furniture a makeover! You won't hear much from me for the next couple weeks - but I'm getting ready for a HUGE before & after post {I'm painting all my furniture, wish me luck!}

This, however, I could not wait to show you. Perhaps I'm not the first one to think of this, but I think it's fabulous.

Above is my lamp from Hobby Lobby. I bought it last year because I liked the base. The shade was *okay*. Below you will see a $9 sleeveless blouse {Miley Cyrus has a clothing line???} I bought at Walmart this morning. I liked the ruffles, you see. Not for me, for my lamp.

So I stripped the shade of it's so-so fabric.
I left only the shiny & sheer inner lining in tact.
I felt like I was on Project Runway as I dressed & pinned the blouse on my "model". I didn't even bother sewing. I slipped the blouse over the shade and unbuttoned it to the point where it fit. I might change this up someday, so I simply tucked tiny safety pins in to position the ruffles. As for the arm holes, I just tucked the edges up into the blouse so that they didn't show.
On the top rim I positioned the blouse, fabric-glued it down, and pinched it with binder clips until it dried. Please also try this at your own risk, notice how I keep all loose fabric clear of the bulb!

I bought this flower hair clip at Claire's the other day with intentions of making my daughter's hair pretty... but instead I was tempted to give it to my lamp-model... I also fished out an old necklace I never feel like wearing anymore. Might as well do something new with it, right?

Isn't she fancy in her new spring Miley Cyrus blouse?
Thar she glows!
What do you think, Heidi & Tim? Ruffles are in, you know?

And now I'm signing off for a week or two and I'll be back with some more before & after projects to show you!

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  1. So cute! I want the shirt and necklace to wear for myself! :) Can't wait to see your new makeovers. I always love a good 'before and after'. Good luck on the move.

  2. Looks like it belongs in a french atlier! Love it!

  3. Aww, thanks for the comments! This is definitely one of my more "different" projects...


  4. She is fabulous! I love, love her! I have a lamp or two that could use a new ruffled blouse! Good luck on your move and your projects!

    Mermaid Debbie


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