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Why should I have to pick just one centerpiece for my table? I should not, I say. Instead I have in the center of my table: 1. Flowers my hu...

My Dining Table

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Why should I have to pick just one centerpiece for my table? I should not, I say.

Instead I have in the center of my table:

1. Flowers my husband brought home the other night {he was a grump that morning}. And I still insist we should do our best to at least budget to BUY CHEAP FLOWERS because they really do lift your spirits to have them around.

2. Cupcake cookie jar (Walmart clearance, $6) on a HomeGoods cake stand. There are no cookies in there. Because I'm a recovering addict and cannot have them around.

3. Something that has recently caused an obsession with me & many others: bell jars. I love bell jars. I need more! This bell jar sits on a crown cake plate I made with my little honey bear salt & pepper shakers underneath. {Mine were from Anthro but lately Urban Outfitters has been carrying the little honey bear shakers.}

4. I bought this tiny domed pedestal plate from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off glassware week, only to have the dome cover shatter when I got it home. Sad. But I kept the plate, knowing it'd be good for something. It was! My Cuties!

I would love to see your centerpiece ideas. Please share?

And I'm working on getting 100% NEW products in my online shop this month. I have some exciting magnet boards with birds, cupcake toppers, and new fresh cake plates coming.

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  1. hey there... did you see my little vingette/ centerpiece on my blog from around the first of the year? I think you should go take a look. There may or may not be a few Lark and Lola Items pictured!

  2. Aww thanks Kara! I went & saw your blog. I missed a couple good posts there...

    And I can't wait to do that tissue paper pom pom thing in my kitchen...

  3. I want your cupcake jar! I must get one! I'm LOVE cupcakes! Super cute cake stand too!

  4. loving the giant cupcake!
    here is my centerpiece. it is on my counter because legos cover my table...all. the. time.

  5. I love your giant cupcake! Like Beth Anne, I have Legos all over the dining room table... not a very visually pleasing vignette!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies! I was surprised to see the cupcake on clearance at Walmart, they're so cute and they'd barely sold any!

    Legos huh? I'm learning to live with all my daughter's toys and projects, they don't necessarily look so pretty all the time but it's worth it, having them around. :-)

  7. I love the centerpieces, each one is a find. The cupcake cookie jar? SOooo cute. {recovering addict aside!} And flowers are always great, aren't they? Even ONE from the yard makes a difference. xo Lidy

  8. This looks good! but it would be better if you use a bench on most sides. dining table with bench now popular, and it was cool!


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