Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Paris Street

Just wanted to share some pictures from the October Paris Street Market! MANY thanks to everyone who visited and my wonderful family for their support. There's no way I could have pulled this off without my family...

Aspen Grove at 6am.
Paper garlands!

An hour after this picture was taken, there were hundreds of people swarming the rows...

I LOVE doing Halloween crafts!
Here are my first customers, who purchase several items 1/2 hour before the market was even officially open!

My calendar blocks. Always a hit.
Bottles got snatched up very quickly...
so did the taffy!
And the keys. There was one left at the end of the day.
My Johnson Brothers cake plate was so lovely I almost didn't sell it so that I could keep it for myself...
My antique music is from the 1850's.

I also had a customer who requested some custom name blocks! Cute, huh?


  1. I didn't get a chance to come by. :( We had been fighting colds. I am excited to hear the Christmas show will be there. And next year, I am going to be bringing my girlfriends for a girls day out shopping. Hope you did well at your booth.

  2. I did, thanks Amy! I'm sooo excited for the Christmas show too.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Gorgeous booth! I'm sure there wasn't much to pack back up!

  4. fabulous work! I love all of it! As you know I do! I love the little black framed halloween hanging items ... do darlin!



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