Sunday, August 2, 2009

eBayology - Alice Book

I scored this 1950s copy of Alice in Wonderland on eBay for just 99 cents! Isn't it cute?

It's for my daughter. I'm thinking of inscribing it for her, since she's having an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, as sort of a keepsake from her first birthday.
It's actually got both Alice stories in it and is illustrated...
... of course it's no Tenniel ...
... but still cool to look at!
I hope someday she appreciates a good vintage find like I do!
Or at least a good story.
Sure, it's old & slightly tattered. But that means its been loved. And the 1950s style is so retro and cute.
See you next week - can't wait to share how the birthday party goes!

{I'm all about Alice these days I guess...}


  1. I can't wait to see the party! When are you going to post?

  2. The party is this Saturday! If I have enough energy afterward I'll post that evening. If not, definitely Sunday.

    Hope it goes well, I've been planning like MAD.

  3. It would also make a lovely addition to your decor... let her open it early!


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