Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{Pretty Educated: Ladurée}

This edition of Pretty Educated {my new idea for regular posts on all things pretty and what you need to know about them} is on Ladurée.

Ladurée is a famous Parisian pastry shop. It was founded in 1862. Sofia Coppola requested Ladurée make the goodies for the set of her film Marie Antoinette. I've never been to Paris, but if & when I go, this is definitely on my "to see" list. This is one of the Ladurée shops. And I will most definitely get one of these lovely sandwiches for lunch. I will most definitely take some of these treats home with me. Ladurée is well known for their {original} double decker macarons. I've never had a macaron. This is a problem I must remedy soon. Wikipedia says,

"Macarons, also anglicized "macaroons", are not to be confused with a similar pastry also called macaroons. Macarons are sandwich-like pastries made with two thin cookies and a cream or ganache between the cookies. Macaroons are dense cookies made either with coconut or with a coarse almond paste."

Although it's tempting to hold off until I can fly to France and pick one up in their beautiful packaging. A pistachio macaron. I would think a Ladurée macaron would not be complete without a cup of chocolate, too. To be surrounded by so much beautiful, oh it would make my day for sure. Even their trucks are lovely. And even the bill. So there you have it, Ladurée 101. Beautiful.
Now who's up for some macarons?

{All images - except #2 - are courtesy of Roboppy over at Flickr.}


  1. oh wow! Now I want to fly to France ASAP! I never heard of Laduree before but now I'm sold. Thanks for the beautiful post, as always.

  2. Oh J'dore this blog post. I too have never heard of Laduree but I will put that on my list for when I got to Paris! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, I heart Martha, and have been meaning to go see her homes in Stapleton. I will go and do that too.
    Have a great week Heather!

  3. Me want food...That looks SO good.

  4. I have to brag, I totally got to enjoy those very macaroons with a cup of hot chocolate in that very Parisian shop a few years ago. The hot chocolate was more like the most delicious cup of melted chocolate imaginable.......mmmmmmmmm......


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