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So remember the suitcase I found at A Paris Street Market last week? Today my dreams for it came true! My husband helped me turn it into a ...

Suitcase Table Tutorial

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So remember the suitcase I found at A Paris Street Market last week? Today my dreams for it came true! My husband helped me turn it into a table {which will also open up to be a great display at my next show}. Here's how we did it...

First, the suitcase we used had a hard, solid exterior - if you use a softer, more flexible suitcase, I would definitely have to recommend reinforcing the bottom with a board cut to size or planks screwed lengthwise between two legs. For us, it worked to do without much reinforcement.

{Can you believe I got this fabulous suitcase for only $10!?!}

We used a power drill with 1/4 inch drill bit and screwdriver bit, washers, steel drywall anchors, rubber feet, 1.5" screws, and stairway spindles cut to about 14". The nice people at Home Depot cut the spindles down for free! First, husband marked the center of the top of the spindle. This way we could get the drywall anchor in the very center.
Pre-drill a hole in the spindle to prevent splitting.
Screw in your drywall anchor, make sure it ends up flush with the top, it should not be protruding at all from the wood.
Next, mark where your legs will be attached.
And drill holes through the suitcase.

Insert your screw {through the washer!} on the other side...

Hold spindle in correct position as you drill the screw into the anchor from the other side.
Test your legs to make sure they are properly enforced to support the suitcase. Enjoy your new table!
And the storage that comes with it!
Inspiration for this project was found at Poetic Home.

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  1. I am completely inspired!!! OMG! Its so easy!! Seriously so in love! Ohhh and that blue, ahhhmaahhhzzziiinnngg!

  2. What a beautiful project and result! The suitcase is gorgeous -- I love the color and the legs you picked for it. I hope you will share pictures of it when you use it as a display too!

  3. Came over from One Pretty Thing. That is awesome. I love the color!

  4. that is awesome! my daughter has a little suitcase and that would be the perfect thing to do with it!

  5. This is one of the coolest things I have seen! So cute! I wish I had a cut suitcase now to make one! I'll have to keep my eye's open for one now!

  6. this is awesome! anthropologie has something similar for a small fortune. i can't wait to make one!

  7. This is a really stunning project. I love the color of the suitcase and now you can celebrate it instead of tucking it away in a closet. Brilliant idea!

  8. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for your encouraging words!

  9. Oh this is so funny that I just came across this post because just a few days ago I posted a photo of a vintage suitcase that was made into a table! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing the tips on doing your own! Daisy~


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