Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{ I ♥ Old Things }

When I was a little girl, I used to love going to my grandma & grandpa's house - particularly because I loved their old things. I've been fascinated with old trinkets and treasures for a while now. I find myself drawn to them. I love old things. I can't even explain why... just something... the character? The charm... I don't know?It's true. I ♥ Old Things.

The above is an image of antique sheet music from the 1850's. You can find it in my new shop! I'm introducing LarkandLola.com!

This little beauty I found recently in my hometown. Crushed velvet. It's old, but I don't know any specifics. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It's an antique version of a Rolodex and I'm using it for my business now!
When I see adorable antique images of kids and babies I have to have them.
When I started a coin collection as a teenager my mother offered me her lovely vintage box of coins. I treasure this.
In it is a old Bavarian bill I bought a few years ago at A Paris Street Market {which Lark & Lola is participating in this year, I'm happy to announce!}
And I can't get me enough of antique postcards. Love 'em.

A couple years ago I bought this delightful toy at an antique shop for $12. It's some sort of Japanese shadow-box sand toy. When I turn it, it "winds up" and the little man does all sorts of gymnastic tricks for me.

Recently on eBay, I scored these antique music books from the mid 1800s. I just adore them.

Some of the songs have funny names {slightly sexist}.

Yes. I ♥ Old Things... sigh...

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