Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{ Springtime }

I've been very busy lately, for a reason I shall soon announce, and thus have not been posting much. But Springtime has hit Lark & Lola House and so I've thrown together some Lark & Lola Springtime visuals... enjoy.

Springtime means the antique Easter post cards come out and get thrown on every surface I can get them on.

Springtime means the garden is being started on my window skill. I've always wanted to do kitchen herbs so this year I'm trying a few.

If you *must* put something on your fridge door, make it pretty at least.

In Springtime the birds come out. I'm waiting to see if the little finch family takes up residence on our porch again this year to hatch their babies, but for now this little bluebird keeps us company.
And at the dollar store {my new best friend since the economy went kaput} these colorful little birdies agreed to come home with me {in pairs} and make their home in Eisley's room on the little chandelier I've attached cherry blossom sprigs to.
And finally, a certain someone's brand new Easter dress {de la Gap Baby} is hanging and ready to be worn. Wish I'd snapped a pic of the matching hat hanging on the back!

I'll be back soon, I promise!

& Happy Springtime!


  1. I love the vintage postcards, and the chandelier. Happy spring!

  2. Why thank you! Happy spring to you as well!


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