Tuesday, January 27, 2009

{ Revamping }

A while back, when I was working at a retail shop, I picked up this little display from the trash pile in the back room. I figured some day I'd find a way to use it, its a nice sturdy wooden display.
I finally put it to good use recently, when I picked up a huge bulk pack of lovely vintage inspired greeting cards that would go well in my shop. I got a ton for a great price, but I'll never send all of them so I figured I'd offer them for a couple bucks at my shop in Elizabeth. And they are the perfect size for my display that I saved from finding itself in a dumpster.

Here it is, redecorated, and ready to go!

I've got some pretty and new things out at The Carriage Shoppes, so if you live in CO you should GO!

Another thing that got revamped this week - my $6 Franklin Covey planner from Target. Since Christmas I've searched high and low for a pretty daily planner. I've looked everywhere but couldn't find one I liked, yet small enough to fit in my purse. Finally I settled on this teal thing, plain as all get out. When I got home I decided to go head up to my craft desk and go at it. I'm pretty happy with it now! Can't wait to show you...

I have some exciting things and lots of changes to come, can't wait to show you all!


  1. Your display looks beautiful! Great revamp =)

  2. That's so gorgeous, Heather. I've nominated ou for an award - go see my blog :-)


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