Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween House!

Yesterday I got a chance to pull out some of my Halloween decor. Unfortunately, because I was working on the timer of a newborn & also because we're not having our annual Halloween Fondue Party this year (sadness!) I didn't go as "all out" as I would usually love to. But I did get *some* of my Halloween stuff up. Next year I plan on being able to go ALL OUT again and having a kids Halloween party! I'm looking forward to it!

Here's the fireplace in the living room with the garland I made, it says "BOO!"

I made it with Photoshop, scrapbooking paper, German glass glitter, and ribbon:

My lovely little girl bust (I need a name for her, suggestions are welcome!) always sports a witch hat in October:
This is a Halloween sign I got at Michael's last year:

This sign I got in Walla Walla when I was there for my good friend's wedding last fall. It says "LOW FLYING WITCHCRAFT". I love it!! It is made by a fave company of mine, Department 56:

I'll post pictures from last year's Halloween Fondue Party next....


  1. So, about looking for a name for her...I looked at her and the first name that popped into my head...was desibelle (said like dezibell) lol..well there's my help...I do adore your decorations...i also love and am slightly addicted to scrappin and make many things...and we also this year are not going to e able to have the large blow out parties we normally do!! Ahhhh I love throwing it though!

    I do love following your blog!

  2. I love the "BOO" garland! It is quite festive, and I appreciate the different textures. Fondue Halloween last year? How fun!

  3. Way to make Halloween cute!!! I always want to decorate a little but am never sure HOW...


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